Monday, November 1, 2010

How to deal with Mondays: Join a Support Group

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  1. What a fabulous pic.
    The family that snoozes together is a happy family.

    Boy, that weekend flew by. Great time with Sonboy. He wanted to learn how to make my chicken pot pie. Yummy.
    We went grocery shopping first, but it's almost fun with him along.
    Hubby got home from youth hunt weekend with a few friends and boys. They saw deer but none shot. Kiddos able to experience of buck fever.

    Rangers :(

    Off to five new kiddos in my first period class. Some challenges have arrived. Better make sure to take blood pressure med.

    Still have wonderful weather.
    Loving it.
    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Mmmm, so THERE!

    Waking up to a VERY chilly a.m. - seems we went from overwarm to BRRRR in < 24 hrs. Today's high: 55F.

    Had fun visiting w/Dina here. Weekend went by too fast! (for that matter, so did October!)

    Wishing you all a fantastic Monday!

  3. Oh gawd, Andi, that's funny. Bebo must be taking sprawling lessons from a cat!

    Good luck with the new kiddos, Lisa. Hope the BP stays under control.

    Maria, that forecast looks like ours for Friday. We might get our first frost Saturday morning.

    The Boy and Snippet never came home last night — they might be at Big V's because Snippet butt-dialed us about 2:30 last night & Mrs. Fetched heard yappers in the background. At any rate, they have my car so it looks like a chilly motorbike ride is on tap. At least it's not supposed to rain until tomorrow.

    Hey, anyone doing Nanowrimo this year? I'm not, although I have an informal goal to finish White Pickups (the first book, anyway) this month. Meanwhile, the mimes will shortly be calling…

  4. Great picture, andi! Looks like the perfect way to spend a day - or a few hours of one, anyway.

    Winter, brrr! Stay warm, Maria. And good luck with the kiddos, Lisa.

    I'm back in Warm Land. No idea when I'll be seeing winter again - which is just fine with me. Sending waves of warmth northward.

    Tomorrow's the election, right? Yay - even though I haven't seen much TV, I'll be glad to get rid of those awful negative ads. When did "election" turn into "be really awful to your opponent"?

    I hear the family stirring. Time to get up and at 'em. Wishing I could snooze on a couch for a while!

    Good luck with Monday, everyone!

  5. Sorry about the Rangers, Lisa, but last night's game was a really well-played by both teams.

    Cold here too, Maria, but not offset by warm memories of a fine weekend with Dina.

    Olivia says that Bebo is the Queen of Sprawl, Farf, so I think she just showiing how royally creative she is.

    Bebo says she's saving a spot on the couch for you, Beth. And all you have to do is brave a little tiny bit of cool weather. :)