Monday, November 22, 2010

How to deal with Mondays: Don't!

Taken November 13, 2010.

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  1. Move over Bebo and Sniff I'm right there with ya.
    It was still early to rise for me. Pups demanding to go out and cat earping up breakfast. Ahh, I'm glad to be home.

    Was great to get away. Didn't do any writing but did identify the next ten agents to query. 16 out, 5rejections so far. And I read a fun Thanksgiving Novel--Snipe Hunt. Light and fun with an archeologist main character. Not new, and my library had it.

    No pics. The cows were about all Atticus and I saw. They made leaving a challenge. They scrambled for the SUV as I was trying to keep the gate open in a strong wind. Good they aren't the brightest bulbs. The pics would have been of me racing back to the car to get through the gate and then get it closed with all these black faces eyeing me.

    A whole week off. Jim, I hope you get that too. The purge will continue.

    Saw an ad for Black Friday WEEK. And Target's opening at 4 am. Are these people crazy???
    I'll spend the week cooking and cleaning and relaxing.

    Beth, glad you're home, for a while.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Gawd, how I wish that were an option today. Mason and Skyler did a tag-team on us last night, up & down between 2-3:30 a.m., then Mrs. Fetched carted Big V (whose pain meds let her sleep through it all) off to her surgery today. I've started demanding some of my life back, the only thing that works around here.

    Lisa, I had to run into Home Despot last night to get a doorknob and they had a big "EARLY BLACK FRIDAY" banner up. 'Tis the season. And yes, cows can be amusing. Around here, they come a-runnin' to the sound of the tractor, especially through winter as that means someone's bringing them a couple rolls of hay.

    Coffee is starting to kick in, I'm starting to feel human, the current White Pickups post is indicating a rapid heating-up of the action, and I need to wake up The Boy & Snippet so they can take care of whichever baby is banging around out there. And I can get to the mimes and rest a little.

  3. Morning, gang.

    Pups, squeeze on over because it looks like both Lisa and I are joining you!!

    LOVE me the very short week, followed by a VERY long weekend (taking Monday, too!). Lots of writing ahead plus some down time and cooking. Spending the holiday blissfully alone (with Skype time for the family). Bought me a lovely ready-made turkey dinner from TJs.

    re: Black Friday/week/etc. UGH x 100000. You won't see me anywhere NEAR a retail store for the next two months. My family doesn't do Xmas pressies. We don't really see the need to buy more stuff.

    Happy Monday!!!

  4. Crap. I forgot to mention a Twitter bud pointed to another author's thoughts on piracy, freedom, and making a living as a writer. If you want some sleep-deprived amplification, I tumblr-ized them.

  5. That couch is getting fuller - me too, me too!

    Glad you had a relaxing weekend, Lisa - even with the cows! Too funny. Sounds perfect. And a whole week off? Yay!

    Farf, you are a saint. I could never put up with everything you do.

    Maria, woo hoo to time off! I'm going to find Trader Joe's today - one of the best things about living here. And I won't be doing much shopping either - I can't wrap my brain around it being Thanksgiving this week, let alone Christmas coming. Where did 2010 go? (I think I left it on the road somewhere.)

    Happy to be "home." Will be happier when my stuff gets here. But for now, I'm content.

    Hope Monday is kind to everyone.

  6. Clearly, I need a much, much bigger couch.

  7. When isn't every holiday a reason to "shop till you drop"? They'll even manufacture or distort an exhisting holiday in order to have that consumer machine go all ADD. "Must consuuuume!" Kinda like zombies but with credit card debt.

  8. We MIGHT get an inch of snow tonight, so here in Portland that is known as the coming of the Snowpocalypse!

    However I must defend my Maritime neighbors who shortly will be seen in youtube videos careening down hills into parked cars, the roads here are NEVER plowed and due to the weather we're not driving on snow, it's all Ice Ice, baby.

    Whatever snow we do get will melt down and then by night get frozen creating a better surface for hockey than HP Pavillion.

    BTW: Dylan has discovered the great joy and challenge of the sliding glass door window to the backyard! He, unlike other felines in the house, is not happy to just sit back and watch the squirrels run by... he considers squirrels, flying birds, falling leaves and stuff blowing around in the wind to all be fair game. Moonya is only slightly amused by all this fuss.

    Dylan has made peace wtih Shinobi and has shown great tolerance for Moonya. But Moonya isn't ready to play nice just yet and hasn't had the experience of bunking in with 30 cats. But things are coming together nicely. It is nice to be "patty caked tucked in" again and again by Dylan while trying to sleep. He does get quite the bedhead hair thang going on. He's really a loving, gentle cat. Not fraidy at all and very adventurous. He has complete run of the house in just 2 days. He has really weird eating habits... he feels the need to grab some food and then carry it away from the bowl then paw at it and eat one piece at a time. His Vet records show that he's used to eating a mixture of dry and wet so I'll bring home some of the good canned stuff for him. Just hope he doesn't carry that away from the bowl too.

    We did find out that he was surrendered with his brother as a kitten due to "heart murmers" and has been with House of Dreams all of his life. Vets have found no "heart murmers" just recently ear mites.

    Off to the mimes and let the cats sort it all out.

  9. Janet, the Snowpocalypse comment reminds me of Planet Georgia… or "you know you're in the South when they predict an inch of snow and it's on the front page of the paper." Seriously cold weather hasn't been part of November here, so far — windows down at lunch again today. I would have taken the motorcycle to work today if I'd slept more/better. I'm sure we'll pay for this during the actual winter months.

    Good to hear Dylan is adjusting well. I call the sliding glass door "the Bug Show." Sprite the Lardassian isn't much interested in jumping these days, unless it's to remind someone to come feed them though.