Thursday, November 25, 2010

Have A Berry, Berry Good Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it.
Taken November 4, 2010.

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  1. Have a great day everyone -- whether you celebrate the holiday or not.

  2. Ditto! Happy Thanksgiving! Be grateful for what you have, and who you are. I'm thankful for my friends, real life and electronic!

    Enjoy the day, y'all. We're doing dinner at Phil's brother's house this afternoon, then will cook our own here tomorrow. Football this afternoon - working this morning. High of 59 today - looks like another log in the fireplace tonight. And I'm wishing I had some warm clothes...

    Careful on the ice, Janet. Yay for fruitful shopping, Lisa. And congrats on the review, Maria, and no house-cleaning, Farf! And rain for andi, finally.

    Be safe if you're traveling today - holiday hugs!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to them that does it!! Plus, hey, even if you don't, it's almost the weekend. :)

    I loaded up the crockpot with winter veg, lentils, chicken and stuff for a later-in-the-day stoup (stewish like soup).

    Now, I'm just waiting until 11 a.m. for the family Skype chat, then it's writingpalooza time.

    Many hugs and happiness to all today!

  4. Drive by! Back to preps. Hope everyone's having a good day off in the US, and a quick work day otherwise…

  5. Day off WITH pay!!! Hooray!

    Happy Pig Out day to all my favorite turkeys!

    Fuzball Update: Shinobi gets her stitches out Friday and the two cats are getting along. Even eating out of the same bowl, stalking sliding glass door demons together and running around the halls like little buffalo.

    How did we achieve this? I dumped two paper bags onto the dining room floor yesterday and they just HAD to play. Moonya finally pulled her furry head out of her stuck up butt and realized Dylan is a fun friend. Voila Peace!

    I'm taking some paper bags over to the UN. :)

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating today! Hanging out with family (they are playing Wii now), big meal later. The weather is cold and rainy with sleet on the way but it's still a good day.

  7. Howdy Beth, Maria, Farf, Janet, and Mary. Jim and I have been in Cincy all day with family. A very good and very filling time was had by all.

    Hope my wish for everyone to have a great day came true.

  8. Drive by Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating and good day to those not!