Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Get Your Ducks in a Row and Go Vote

Taken October 22, 2010.

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  1. DUCK, Duck, goose. That was a favorite game of Daughter's. Hubby and I already voted. WooHoo.
    Will be so glad to quit being inundated by political calls.
    Sick of all the NEGATIVE.
    Seems to be the least popular incumbancy I can remember in a long time.
    Read my lips--term limits. Then less trying to stay elected and maybe more governing would go on.
    Probably not. Just because you vote for change doesn't mean ya get what ya want.

    Kiddos were better than expected. Still in the honeymoon phase.
    Was a great pitching game last night. Too bad that shaggy kid from the Giants was so darn good.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. One of the problems of being on the road all summer - no clue who to vote for, nowhere to vote. Kudos to all of you who did!

    Driving today, driving tomorrow. Then a long fun weekend in Key West with my guy. Can't wait. Way overdue for some sleeping in, some lounging by the pool, some reading. And a lot of great live music!

    Hope the kiddos stay on the honeymoon, Lisa. And I LOVE the misty shot...I thought it was snow first, egads!

    Better get back on the road - gotta love air cards and rest stops. Tempted to stay here and veg all day - but duty calls.

    Happy day, y'all!

  3. Very nice shot & message.

    I managed to vote, despite a flat tire. Panda fixed it while I was doing my duty. Not likely my vote makes much difference on Planet Georgia, but there's a stinker of an amendment on the ballot that would allow enforcement of no-compete contracts. Orwellian wording and everything.

    Okay, that's enough griping. As I said on Twitter, I've done what I can do; now I'm going to ignore the play-by-play and either celebrate or gag at the results.

    Good driving Beth, and continued hopes for happy honeymoon kiddos, Lisa.

  4. Hi Lisa, Beth, and Farf. I've been away all day (actually I'm still away but I'm at my mom's and online through the kindness of a neighbor with a wide-open router).