Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Moves Along

Taken October 25, 2010.

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  1. You and Jim must spend all your spare time raking leaves.

  2. Follow the yellow leaf road.

    Another day another 7 new kiddos. Things are picking up around our area.

    Maria, hope the head is better soon. Bro has a cold and it is bad. Daughter is disinfectant spraying all handles and such. I bought some zinc and am taking plenty of vitamin c to ward off the germs at work too. So many coughing and blowing noses.
    Andi it is good to work from home to stay away from all that.

    SNOW--The reason I live in Texas--Winter Wimp. Been beautiful here.
    Kelly hope the roof can be fixed soon.

    Have my stack of donations which will grow as I continue the purge.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  3. Hey all!

    Quick drive-by this morning, but I wanted to point anyone who hasn't seen it to a Ray Bradbury interview in the Paris Review.

    Good luck with kiddos, crappy roofs, writing, cold, or whatever else is on y'all's plate today…

  4. Morning, gang! Sunny, bright and chilly this a.m. - love it!!

    Still stopped up, but hey, whatever, I can pretend to not hear someone, right?

    Trying to make the day go by quickly so I can get home to write!

    Terrific Tuesday to all!

  5. Farf, thank you for that fantastic interview!!! Reason I have always loved his work. Sci-Fi as a warning. Not a solid look into the future, but a hard look at our now and past. Social commentary much like the Twilight Zone series.

  6. Pssst Andi, Condileeza Rice is coming to town this weekend to help the sales of her book which is bathed in blood. Should be very eeeeenteresting. No one's infilitrating from CP as no one wants to give her any money.

    Of course, it's at the Hilton. Goon Squad Security. I'm sure it will be "Free Speech Zoned".

  7. That's right, Teach -- if we don't rake, the squirrels get incredibly huffy about how we're ruining the neighborhood.

    It's 62 here, Lisa, heading to a high of 70 so not jealous of your weather (unless it's rainy of course).

    Farf, thanks for the pointer to the interview. Your link isn't working for me so here's a link to it.

    Glad you're having nice weather in which to have a snotty nose, Maria. ;)

    Janet, I'll just stick with listening to Nancy Pearl's interviews with authors podcasts. She has much better taste in whom to talk to. :)

  8. I'm going to do a street action book auction. :)

    See if the Plutocrats who pay to see Rice sell a book made off the blood and lives of our soldiers and innocent Iraqi civilians... I'd like to see if they'd buy a book titled:

    Dahmer's Best Kept Recipes
    Gacy on Sexuality
    Hitler's Top 10 favorite musicals

    Of course, the same people are buying W's book. So I might make some money ROFL

    Just phonebooks drenched in fake blood.

  9. Hi, all. Beautiful fall day here. My favorite time of year. I don't mind cold weather as long as I can dress for it and choose not to go out in it.

    I actually like the cold much better than the heat.

  10. It's easier to dress up for the cold than it is to undress for the heat. :)

  11. Hi all,

    Janet, in my case it's a lot easier on the eyes of others if I dress for the cold rather than undress for the heat.

    Neat interview, Farf.

  12. I'm with you, Dina. I hate hot weather. If I had my way it would never get hotter than 75.

    Not going to give in to the temptation to comment on Jim's comment (at least not on the internet).