Saturday, November 27, 2010

Easing Up

Taken November 7, 2010.

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  1. Brrrrrr. Arctic cold front arrived. Heater kicked on.

    Yesterday's writingpalooza turned into nappalooza. I was oddly unable to keep my eyes open and ended up falling asleep on the couch for several hours.

    Today, I'll be writing at my desk to avoid same.

    Hope everyone survived Black Friday in one piece. I stayed home.

    Hooray to it still being the weekend!!!

  2. Morning all! Sounds like you needed the sleep, Maria. Hopefully you get a lot accomplished today.

    I too avoided the stores, although I feel like I missed something - not sure what, though, except frustration!

    Belated turkey day today. Cable guy on his way, and hopefully a hike up Squaw Peak this afternoon.

    Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend - anyone decorating Christmas trees? Enjoy the fall colors for me...except the white one. :-)

  3. Tree day here. Which is anything BUT relaxing. Mason will have the lower third of the tree cleaned off & scattered around the living room in no time flat anyway. :D

    Snippet said their store may have set the single-day sales record for any Calvin Klein outlet yesterday, even beating out NYC stores. So it sounds like people were throwing money at the economy…

    Oh well, can't stay long. Things to go, people to do, all that. [sic]

  4. Quiet day planned for me. Friend coming by and we are going to visit for a while.

    Yesterday went to Barnes & Noble so daughter could use a coupon for a gift. Looked at the Nook Color. Nice, but my money went for new tires for sonboy. Always something needed.

    Chicken fried steak a hit last night. Tonight, pork loin. Then I'm finished cooking, unless it's soup, for a while. Carving away at the leftovers.

    Happy B'day Farf and Jim's Mom.

    Beth, happy hiking.

    Maria, dozing is sometimes the best sleep. Happy writing today.

    Sensationally relaxing Saturday to All.

  5. Hi, all. Tired from yesterday's marathon baking session. My friend, Chris, and I bake Greek Christmas cookies every year and we are up to 28 batches.

    Maria has even done it and I have the pictures to prove it!

    Happy birthday to Farf and Jim's mom. Everyone else - happy Saturday. Enjoy.

  6. We had a 30 degree temperature drop on Turkey Day, Maria, so I'm in full sympathy with you.

    No fall colors left here, Beth, unless you count gray and brown. ;)

    I hope you'll get some pictures of Mason re-decorating the tree, Farf.

    Lisa, I'm glad your major cooking is about to come to an end -- enjoy those leftovers!

    Wow, Dina, that's really impressive -- I'll be it smelled wonderful.

  7. Figured I'd best let you all know I'm well and safe.

    I was just one max train stop away from the FBI sting that foiled some teenager's plot to blow up the xmas tree ceremony at Pioneer Square. They got him at 6th and Yamhill, we were at 9th and Yamhill. Couldn't get off at the square. Were told to disembark. So we walked to the Schnitzer and saw the greatest show!!! Had a fantastic time.

    I'm usually more street savy... maybe I'm just desensitized to all the cop lights and running around like militants(?) I really didn't notice much going on except for the cop lights.

    Then we walked to the Parks and got "prepared" to go see Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience. Something very liberating about doing something illegal in plain view of coppers. :)

    I'm free, but Willie Nelson gets busted. Weird.

    Farf!!! Happy FarfDay!!! here's a gunpowder margarita just for you.

  8. Better Willy Nelson than you, Janet -- he's got plenty of spare cash to spend on lawyers. ;) Glad that you were able to have a great day despite all the furor.

  9. Sounds like a great time, Janet! Favorite Twitter quip about Willie Nelson: Willie Nelson being busted for pot is like Popeye getting busted for possession of spinach.