Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dropping By

Taken November 5, 2010.

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Thanks for sharing Dylan's progress with us, Janet. Also ... egads! An inch of snow! The horror! ;)

  2. Love that you have some drops to share, Andi.

    It's 68 right now so steamy Thanksgiving week.

    After last year's foot o'snow I'm keeping my mouth shut about the white stuff.

    Took two tubs to half price books and got a good price for them. Some 50's novels of the southwest/Texas, a set of children's stories in 10 volumes, some nice history books. Daughter squawked that I sold things before she looked at them. Second guessing everything I'm doing on this purge. Too Bad. If I really thought she'd want it I would set it aside. OCD kicking in--Might let go of something I might need.
    Hubby and I are freeing ourselves of quite a bit o'crap.

    It was weird to have so much empty space on the shelves. But slapped myself and remembered got plenty in other rooms that can be shared.

    Guess I'll plan my meals for this week. Sonboy and nephew coming in, so have to plan for them. Already bought tamales for Mexican food one night. Since Thanksgiving is at BIL won't have super leftovers. Will go grocery shopping today.

    Loving Days Off.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  3. Morning, gang!!

    Weather cool, crisp and a wee bit too warm for the week, but that to is about to change.

    Lisa, purging is good for the soul!! I'm so glad I passed on a ton of books before, during & after the move. (of course, I replaced a lot of them with e-book editions, but they don't take up physical room).

    Another mime day ahead. Hoping it will go by fast.

    In the meantime, I shall lose myself in Andi's lovely waterdrops.

    Happy Turkey week!

  4. Congrats on being able to let go, Lisa. I'm hoping to do the same as I unpack - am already grateful for getting rid of the furniture, in spite of the nastiness that went with it. It'd never fit in this place. Hoping that you don't lose anything valuable, too!

    GREAT shot, andi - your eye always amazes me. Have never seen a leaf that way before.

    Unseasonably cold in Phoenix, but warm compared to the rest of the country. Calling for a blizzard in ID last night, and way below zero temps tonight. I'll take 60 and wear a sweater!

    Enjoy the week off, all who are off. And the rest - just a couple more days! Hugs to all who follow.

  5. Got a dusting which overnight turned to ICE. Schools are closed for both kids. One report is of an SUV driver plowing head on into a snow plow. I wish SUV drivers had to take a special driving course I really do.

    However I now have to drive Mr. Wayne into work because the bike lanes haven't been cleared and they get all the run off and leaves so it's a mess for him. I wish he'd just delay two hours.

    Dylan photos: (black cat photos are so hard to get details)

    Dylan able to slap my laptop and coffee cup in one fell swoop.

    Long body but short legs and all poof. Low rider with fluff

    Gotta jet. (pat down and cavity search not needed though)

  6. We've had rain at least once a week for the last three weeks so I'm feeling pretty hopeful that the drought is breaking, Lisa. Have fun planning your family gathering.

    Not too much left of the week, Maria. False Friday comes early.

    I'll never forget my first time in Phoenix, Beth. It was the end of October and we got in at 10 p.m. and it was 95 out. Me, I'd rather have that blizzard in ID.

    Be careful driving out there, Janet. I really love that first pic of Dylan -- it's almost like he's a phantom that's been overlayed on the picture. Cool.

  7. Andi, is that an oak leaf in extreme closeup? Yow!

    Good luck with the purge, Lisa. I need to do that too.

    Maria, I'm at the mimes too. But tomorrow is Virtual Friday, at least in the US! Snippet has to go into her new job at the outlet maul at 3am on Friday for the Black Friday onslaught. She can have it.

    Still unseasonably warm on Planet Georgia, Beth, if a little soupy at the moment. I've decided to have the windows down in the car while I still can, though!

    Janet, you're kinder than I am. IMO, SUV drivers should have to pass a special driving test, psych profile, and background check before getting the keys. (Ownership of a cellphone could be grounds for DQ, especially for otherwise borderline cases.) Taxing vehicles by weight, like they do (or did) in Michigan, would be good too.

    From my experience shooting black objects for work, it helps to overexpose 1-2 stops (set your AE to +1 or +2 if your camera permits) for dark objects and under-expose about 1/2 stop for very light objects. Digital cameras, even good DSLRs, don't have the latitude of film & need a little help on either end. That might help you get more details in your Dylan shots. ;-)

    The current and several previous White Pickups eps, and several forthcoming, are part of a >5000-word brain dump that I wrote in one July evening, revised and expanded since then. It was like bang! and it was all there at once, demanding to be let OUT…

    Lunch time, finally. I seem to want Chinese food on inclement days for some reason.

  8. Back from driving around, Had to run Danni in for a docs appt. Now I have to get ready for an extra long shift at the mimes. I get T-day off with pay! Suhweet!

    As to SUV drivers, Farf, I was just holding my tongue a bit... not kinder than you at all :) You should know that I'm an evil doer peace activist professional extremist ROFL

    The other day, Wayne - who commutes by bicycle, saw a woman driving a mini-van, on the phone painting her toenails on one foot. Kid you not! Kids in back watching a movie. It's like they are driving their living rooms.

    Thanks for the digital camera help but it all looks like Satanic verses to me :) I'llhave to reread that when I have some good vintage in me and i'm not multi-tasking.

    Dylan is a morning cat. He feels the need to make his sad mewls and then jumps on us and starts making "kitty bread" on our chests. This morning he had his hind feet on my tummmy while kneading Wayne's belly. Multi-Catster.

    He still has that "shelter cat smell" to him. "Hims" steenky. He's getting use to the "good food" here and probably just gassy as well as smelling like 35 cat litter boxes. Luckily they used the same litter we do. Good Mews - recyled newspaper. some cats don't take kindly to litter differences. But anyone out there with cats.. that clumping shit... is just that... shit. They lick it off their paws and it makes them sick after a while.

    Got some sparkling apple-marionberry cider for us. Yum!!!!

    OMG Farf, I've been reading your blog! You have quite the load going on there. My best to Mason as he's the one that truly needs you. The rest are adults and they're making their own beds. Any thoughts to just getting full custody of Mason?

    More snow and icy temps for tonight. I should be getting home around 830. Wayne's taking the bus to my job after he's done at the campus.

    Best to all and get brining and baking... and drinking. (you and me and a martini makes three)

  9. Yep, Farf, it's an oak leaf.

    Hope the weather is kind to you (and hubby & his bike), Janet.