Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dark Light

Taken November 1, 2010.

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  1. Love the pic, Andi-the colors pop.

    Hope the rain hangs around for you, Andi.

    Maria, feel better.

    Blustery day here. Leaves be a showering down.

    Wonderful Weds. to All.

  2. Our wind was last night. Got rain at the beginning & end of my drive home. (Yes, of course, that's when I'm outside!) Actually, a little hail down by the office. Eh, November.

    Janet, good to hear Shinobi pulled through! Yup, a few more years of rolling in what-WAS-that about describes it.

    Passing a little patience (and alcohol) to Lisa, I think you need it at least as much as me. You go home to get away from it at work, I go to work to get away from it at home. :D

    Mime time. Productive yesterday. Hoping for more today, even with a Thanksgiving lunch on tap.

  3. We now have the wind. But the rain seems to be gone and the wind is pushing the dark clouds around so here's hoping.

    Janet, so happy to hear about Shinobi.

    Always sending good thoughts, Lisa. And to all you writers.

    Back to the laundry.

  4. What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

    Me. :)

    Today I turn 42.

    Bittersweet. Emotions have been hitting me hard this week.

    had a 4 hour meeting in Portland hdqtrs yesterday. I'm the new person to the community loan fund. It's where employees donate funds from their paycheck each pay period to help other employees in crisis. You have to donate to it in order to receive from it. I stood up for one case (all anonymous) and changed some minds about it. :)

    Have to go into the mimes today. 11-7 I really hate midshifts. Already it's beginning to feel like christmas. Irate customers, frenzied people, stress monkeys who are in a hurry.... and the grifters. Thanksgiving isn't so bad as Xmas when you work in retail. However Turkey day is HUGE to grocery stores.

    I've been thinking though... oops. Do we really as a society need to be able to run out and shop for anything at anytime? I see these Black friday sales and I always wonder, "what about the clerk who had to get up at 4 am so you could shop at 5 am?" They'd probably rather be at home with their families. But I think consumerism has most of the control on how we treat people in our society.

    I know I don't need another pet... especially another black rescue cat... but I'm glad my heart opened up a little more since losing Kitty. I'd been thinking about how again my next pet when I'm ready will be another rescue. I even thought about names and an old Dylan song kept coming up, "Like a Rolling Stone". A co-worker showed me the paper and there was a black cat named "Dylan" just looking at me. I'm not sure what to do. So I emailed the link to wayne. :)

  5. It rained for 8 hours (not hard so no flooding), Lisa! Made me very happy. :)

    I hope you weren't on the bike in wind and rain, Farf.

    Dina, our 8 hours of rain of Tuesday was following by a nice sunny today. Hoping the same for you.

    Happy birthday, Janet!!!!!!!!!

    Also, Dylan may be friendly but he looks like he could stare down a charging bull elephant. ;)

  6. Happy birthday, Janet! (from my 9-days-short-of-10-years-ahead-of-you perspective :) Dylan looks like the kind of kitty who WILL get all the lovin' he wants. I've wondered about Black Friday shopping… why go through all that when you can shop online in your bathrobe? It must be a social thing, or maybe even an anti-social "I got mine" thing.

    Dina, do you need rain or sunshine? Sending confused weather vibes your way…

    Andi, no, I usually take a close look at the weather site before deciding to take the bike. With The Boy still in the clink (maybe getting out at the stroke of midnight tonight, and yes that's happened before), I've had the car all to myself for a couple weeks.

    I came into the mimes today, even though Wed. is usually a work at home day. Big V and her grandbaby were at the manor last night and were still there this morning, and she's not exactly the kind to give a rip that I'm trying to work. Then Snippet started her new job today (Calvin Klein in the outlet maul) and I'm sure she'd have been hassling me to take the car while I was trying to get stuff done. Besides, they had a Thanksgiving lunch at work today. Run awayyyyyyy…

  7. Happy birthday, Janet. So glad to hear about Shinobi.