Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bird and Leaf Go Flying

Taken October 26, 2010.

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  1. Head cold set in yesterday.
    Germs at work and home too strong.
    Been taking Zinc and Vit. C so not as strong. Will medicate and keep going.
    So wash those hands often and don't get too close to others.

    Jim, you are handsome. When I'd give certain lessons, like heat capacity. I'd talk about me in a swim suit and warn the kiddos about how scary that thought was. That always got groans and looks of fear.

    Maria, stay hydrated and don't get overly tired as you get well.

    Anybody watching the Walking Dead on AMC? Zombie show be good.

    Marvelous Midweek to all.

  2. Alive and well! And back from Key West. Had a great time - still trying to post stories and pix at my place. Life is a zoo these days. If I can't make it here, you know I'm busy. Dog-sitting til Friday - movers come Saturday - CD release party Sat night for the songs I wrote with my friend John Reno. Then drive to Phoenix. Wait for movers. Unpack. THEN collapse...It's all good, though.

    Sorry about your cold, Lisa - no fun at all. Tons of garlic, Vit. C, and echinacea are my recipe.

    I'll go back and read the last week's comments to find out what's happening with everyone. Visiting my adopted mom today, so need to get going. Longing for a day of boredom.

    Missed everyone - back soon! Happy Hump Day!

  3. Danni and I took Shinobi to the ER at DoveLewis at the only 24 hr animal hospital. Wayne stayed here to take care of Wes and clean up all the blood. Shinobi has a tumor on her rectum that broke open and is now bleeding. She is in the most absolute best care possible. We had to leave her overnight. She's sedated and still wagging her tail. That's what black labs do. Wag.

    She MAY have cancer. Doing x-rays as a prelim to see as well as diagnostics of blood and such... Surgical consult tomorror.

    We will do the most humane treatment imaginable and we don't want to do anything prematurely. Right now, she's in the best hands. Sadly that is not ours. The house is very quiet with her not here.

    I breathed life into her when she was first born. Her tongue was blue and I got her going. That was 11 years ago. She'd be here at my feet as I'm typing. She should be here.

    I have to be at work at 6am for a meeting and I'm doing a small presentation that will end by 7. I'll take the rest of the day off. I need to get some semblance of sleep.

    If possible, just send a little strength to Danni & Wes.... We heard grown men wailing as they lost their pet tonight. it was a hard, hard place to be. But this year has been about being at hard places in our lives.

    I'm so sick of this year.

  4. Lisa, I've heard the best way to get rid of a cold is to give it to someone else. I'm sure there's several deserving among the kiddos, so just sneeze!

    Sending boring vibes to Beth… life here would be quite boring w/o the manor and all the people attached to it after all. :D

    {{{Janet}}} when it rains, it pours, doesn't it? BTW, I enjoyed seeing you & Danni in your Hallowe'en garb. You must have made your own costumes because they weren't "slinky" in the least. Nice change of pace. (DID I JUST SAY THAT?!!!?!?!!?)

    Miming at home today. Need to take a photo for a wall-mount template and review a spec. Being a tech writer isn't much different from being a paperback writer; you're often writing pure fiction but you do get to take stuff apart on occasion.

  5. {{{{{Janet}}}}} sending many good vibes your way.

    Lisa, sorry about the head cold. :( Mine is still annoying and impressively nasty. Still can't hear out of my left ear.

    Beth - glad to "see" you!! Take a deep breath. Hold it. Let it out sloooooowly. There. Better, huh?

    Farf - you're often writing pure fiction but you do get to take stuff apart on occasion Yes, this! ::g::

    Got great news this a.m. - BLOOD HEAT was #45 of top 50 mass market paperbacks in BookScan this last week. (launch week). BookScan is a Neilsen service that costs $$$$ but my editor has friends in low places and got a report. BookScan (aka BS!) reports point-of-sale purchases from most major outlets, except for WallyWorld and Costco. So, this is pretty good. Don't know what that means in terms of actual books sold, but I'm pleased because my marketing efforts seem to be paying off.

    Hope everyone has a successful day!

    {{{{Janet}}} one more set of hugs for the road...

  6. Janet, all of us here are crossing fingers and claws and sending good vibes. We've had two dogs have cancer and both survived the initial treatment (surgery for both), one for two years (with a good quality of life) and the other until old age did him in so there is hope.

  7. Sorry about the cold, Lisa. Generally Jim skips the getting them part and goes directly to the giving them to me part.

    Howdy Beth. Welcome back. Can't wait to hear about the CD release party. Are you going upload any mp3s?

    Farf, have fun with your mounting. (DID I JUST SAY THAT?!!!?!?!!?)

    Yay for great sales, Maria ... which reminds me, I need to know my bit to add to those numbers.

  8. Beth, I almost forgot -- here's Knucklehead sunset photo [LINK] for you.

  9. Tons of hugs to Janet, Shinobi, Danni & Wes - from me, Casey and Shadow. Here's hoping for the best.

    Sending plenty of good thoughts to the rest of the sick here. Congratulations, Maria! That sounds great.

    Beth, I get tired reading your schedule! Good luck.

    If I missed something, good thoughts there too.

  10. Congratulations Maria! That is wonderful news. I hope you celebrate all weekend.

    Andi, thank you for calling me. I was very down. Very rambly.

    It wasn't the ER that called, it was our own vet and they are on it. Just spoke with the ER and they have a surgeon coming in to look at Shinobi's tumor to see if it can be removed and retain quality of life.
    Xrays didn't show any cancer in the lungs or other chest masses. Which is good. However they are warning us that this most likely is cancer.

    We do have many options though but each one is one phonecall at a time.

    Option one from last night is gone. We had figured if it the cancer could be seen from an xray, then our decision would be a set one. Now it appears we could remove the tumor and let her live out a few weeks here. Could be longer or less. But right now we're just making one decision at a time.

    Not true: I have decided that if we do have to decide for Shinobi that we will take her out of the ER and back to our regular vet and have it done there. The ER is just too crazy and frantic.

    Anyways, thank you all.

  11. Thanks for keeping us up to date, Janet. Fingers and paws still crossed here.

    Off to Indianapolis for the next few days -- my mom's second cataract surgery is tomorrow morning. Assuming the trusting neighbor still has unsecured wireless for me to leech off of, I will be around but either way, posts will go up as normal.

  12. Take care Andi!!! You have all my thoughts and energy.

    Shinobi's in surgery - will be for about 2 hours. Ultrasound and bloodwork didn't show signs of cancer.. yet. They still have to do a biopsy. She's anemic (sp) but due to the blood loss. It's, so far, is a huge growthy bloody mass. Don't seem to think surgery will interfere with any behind needs. She'll have to stay in the ICU till at least tomorrow.

    I really need to get something in me and Danni's stomaches. It's been a long night and even longer morning.
    Thank you all for being so patient. It's been a hard year.

  13. Don't forget to take care of yourself, Janet. You too, Andi. I can feel confident in saying all our thoughts & prayers are with you both.

    This just showed up in my tweetstream and I thought some of y'all might be interested: "Until the end of Nov 2010, @daganbooks will read your novel queries. Spec fic, 70k to 100k, email cuinn at daganbooks (dot) com."

  14. Hey Farf, I wanted to thank you for that Bradbury interview link. Shared that with a hockey friend who just loved it. Truly was a special read.

  15. aw Janet, your year has really sucked.

    Sending good thoughts to the whole family including Shinobi. I second everyone's advice to be sure to take care of yourself.

  16. Thanks.

    Doctor called and said the surgery isn't quite over and that the surgeon needs to do an emergency blood transfusion on Shinobi. Her blood (whateverlevel) should be at a 30 and instead they are at 11.

    I think I'm somewhat between shock and sleep dep because while she was talking and getting my permission to start the transfusion all I kept hearing was a line from Spinal Tap, "but it's eleven".

  17. Janet, I'm hoping with everything I've got that things are going well. Hang in there, Shinobi.

  18. Hugs, Janet. Things will get better...

    Congrats, Maria! Woo hoo! Need to get settled and buy book cases, and then I can start buying books again! Hope it keeps doing well!!

    Boring would be nice, Farf, for a wee bit. Remind me of that when I start whining a few months from now...

    Thanks for the link, andi! I've missed 'Head's sunsets. Will go there now and say howdy, and check it out. And good luck with Mom. And I'll see what I can do about uploading songs.

    Me too, dina!! My BIL says it's my own fault my life is so crazy, and he's right...too much of a good thing...

    Thanks for the novel info, Farf!

    Off to bed. Hopefully a couple of quiet catch-up days ahead. Night all!