Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All the Angles

Taken November 7, 2010.

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  1. Morning, all!!

    Andi, I see you're ready for the first fire of the season. :)

    Spent a fairly productive day yesterday: flu shot, gassed up the car, blogged, put away my summer clothing. Watched a bunch of Season 1/2 West Wing episodes. (I <3 Jed Bartlet!)

    Now, I'm getting ready to go to the mimes. Ah well, can't be on holiday all the time! ::g::

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Great way to spend a day off, Maria! Productive indeed. I used to love West Wing - one of the few TV shows I've watched.

    I got a few things done, but I was cotton-brained and finally gave up, instead of wandering aimlessly through stores wondering why I was there.

    Movers are due this morning. I'll believe it when I see the whites of their eyes...or the black of their truck tires...

    Love the wooden angles, andi. Looks warm! Snuggle by the fire for me today.

    Off and running. Have a great day, everyone!

  3. Hi, all. Miserable weather here but I got to the pool today so I am happy. And Peapod came early which was very nice. Hope you are all content.

  4. Grump. Grump. Grump. It's cold and dreary. I had to go to the dentist this morning so no morning walk. Our "home" cell phone tower which was out from Wednesday to Monday morning went out again to today. Feh. Feh. Feh.

    Oh yeah --- hi everybody.

  5. Snow over most of the UK but down here in the Deep South it's just ineffectual damp flurries that give up without trying! Everything's gearing up to Christmas here and I'm going to be cooking Christmas dinner for 17, which will be fun! The cake is made and being fed with brandy and the pudding is one I bought earlier, plus the turkey is in the freezer. I used to buy a free range one but the price is astronomical now, specially for a really big one.

    Got about 25k words to go with my work in progress but need to start doing some local publicity about 'Murder Fortissimo' which comes out end January. I'm really not good at 'cold calling' so it's not my favourite bit of the writing process!

    Happy day to all.

  6. Jeez Nicky, you can't be ready Christmas stuff already; it's just not right. I'm not even ready for Hanukkah and it starts tomorrow.

  7. My apologies, Andi, but my first thought upon seeing that pic was "they don't stack their wood free-standing yet?"

    Yay for productive days, Maria! For me, Beth's "cotton-brained" description fits right now.

    Dina… pool? Do tell. Pics?

    Nicky, here's it's been pouring down rain for two days straight. We'll get our first hard freeze tomorrow night, which is an appropriate way to start December I guess.

    Off to see what's up with Mason…

  8. Farf (and Maria), that's not our wood (it's over at the camp) but we use metal fence posts so I guess we just as big as wimps as they are. No way I'd try a stack like that.