Monday, October 25, 2010

Zen Sniff Ponders the Sound of One House Falling

Taken October 19, 2010.

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  1. Morning, Sniff. I know Bebo is swirling in the leaves in the background.

    Daughter off to new job this a.m.
    Hubby has phone interview this a.m. too.
    Double WooHoo.

    Nancy, Yeah for those Chiefs.

    Marvelous Monday to All!!

  2. Monday. I got up early, Mason's already up and moving, it's pouring down rain out there, and yet I'm feeling pretty good.

    The noise of a fall is loud, but stretched over the time of a crumbling house it could be pretty quiet.

    Lisa, woohoo for all your woohoos. And the Falcons won too!

    Today starts a new chapter in the White Pickups serialization. Much is about to be resolved… or the resolutions begin here, anyway. Book 2 is chugging along, it might be 1/3 done already, but right now it's random pieces hung on a frame. The hard work will be pulling them into a coherent whole.

    Off to the mimes… the only upside to The Boy losing his job means I have my car to drive in the rain. :-P Waves and hugs to those coming behind me…

  3. 'Tis Monday, yo. I'm ready to go back to sleep. ::g::

    Of the good, friend Dina will be here this weekend for the Rally for Sanity. Of the not so good, I totally played hooky all weekend and didn't write a single word. :/ Bad Maria!

    Re-energizing my efforts this week, though.

    Happy Monday, all!

  4. Fall is really here which is wonderful. Last week, Kansas, next week, DC.

    Fun, fun, fun.

  5. Hope that phone interview went really well, Lisa.

    Waves hi and bye and hi (since I assume you're home now) to Farf.

    Maria and Dina -- have a great week looking forward to a great weekend.

  6. Boy, I'm even later than andi's good night post! Drove all day, visited with my aunt all evening, watched the football game, talked to a friend. Day is done. Time for bed. Tomorrow more visiting, a little work, and hopefully a walk around the block.

    Envious of everyone's writing. Guess i need to think of a topic for Book 4. Not to mention following Lisa's lead and starting to query again. Tho I fear none of this will happen until I'm firmly settled again - life is kind of unsettled these days.

    Fingers and toes crossed for new jobs, Lisa!

    Off to bed. Another post will appear before we know it!

    Night all -