Friday, October 22, 2010

Yellow Gold

Taken October 12, 2010.

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  1. OOOH...AAAAAH. Fall Fireworks.
    Andi, thanks for sharing your local beauty.

    Maria, may the force be in your keyboard, this weekend.

    Nancy--good food, friends, nice place--doesn't get any better.

    Daughter starts new job next week--WooHoo.
    Hubby has interview for job, Monday. Double WooHoo.

    Fabulous Friday to All.

  2. You've got lots of color , Andi!

    Busy day here in the Valley. I'm ready for 2 days off.

    Our new stove arrives tomorrow. Hopefully it will last as long as its now decrepit predecessor.

    Good weekend to all!

  3. Wow, that just jumps off the screen and wakes you up, doesn't it? We don't have anything nearly that bright here just yet.

    Lisa, hooray for daughter-unit starting new job! The Boy, Snippet, and M.A.E. are all looking right now; The Boy lost his job yesterday due to (he says) a forgetful manager not writing down when he had to be out for his probation stuff. He has a friend at the local Mal*Wart that might get him in there. Snippet, in one of her rages, slapped her boss at Wendy's (they fired her, so she returned the favor). All the retailers are ramping up "seasonal" (i.e. holiday) hiring right now, and there's plenty of those at the outlet maul, so they should have a few bucks coming in through the end of the year anyway.

    Boran, that's a kitchen stove, right?

    Someone found us a screen that perfectly wraps around our fireplace insert. Mason's already figured out how to open the latch. Grumble mumble dang kids grumble…

  4. Hey, Andi, Far, b2, and Lisa, and AWAL (all who arrive later).

    Farf, that story about Snippet makes me very glad for Mason's sake that you are the main "parent." Wow.

  5. Hey Nancy! Yeah, Snippet has a temper, which is partly why The Boy is dealing with the court system. Mrs. Fetched and I would party like it's 1985 (as in, when we were 20-something) if he scraped her off and sent her packing.

  6. Mazel tov to your daughter and here's hoping I'll be saying the same to your husband soon.

    I don't think they make them like they used to, b2, but I'm hoping to be wrong. Our first stove in this house lasted 25 years. The "new" one is 6 years old -- barely broken in.

    Farf, your life is just way too exciting (I think that might be not quite the right word) for me.

    Howdy back, Nancy. Umm, a little writing hint for you -- you don't save anything with abbreviations if you spell out what they are. ;)