Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tall, Red, and Handsome

Taken October 14, 2010.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Oops, I was so wrapped up in my power outage, I forgot to say: WOO HOO Maria!

    Hope you got by without any problems from storms, Farf, and hope even more that Mason slept through the night.

    Congrats on the book progress, Kelly. Sorry about the work overload though.

    I think I'm going to blame Illinois, Mary. I watched those storms approaching on radar and they definitely picked up a lot of energy as the cross Illinois.

  2. Maria--WooHoo.

    Andi--glad the worst missed you. Hope you got some rain.

    Kelly--Great to make progress balanced with good times.

    Farf, It is the best of times. It is the worst of times. With those pesky kiddos.

    Wonderful Weds. to All.

  3. Watching the seasons roll past through your eyes, andi. It seems like just yesterday you were taking pictures of the greens of spring. Where does the time go?

    Happy Hump Day to all! Here's to political ads going away - no wonder I don't watch TV. Boise State rolled all over LA Tech last night - love that Smurf Turf.

    Big plans today - oil change and dinner with my cousin. And more visiting with my aunt.

    Congrats to Kelly and Maria on book stuff. :-) It's great to have friends' books to read and brag about!

    Hope everyone weathered the storms - we had tornado warnings, but apparently they passed us by in the night.

    Outta here - waving to all!

  4. Andi, what did you do to embarrass the trees? They're all red!

    After looking at the radar loop, I figured the bulk of the storms (including the heaviest ones) would lift north and just miss us. I was right, we had a few booms, a fair amount of rain, and a little wind. Mason slept all night, squawked once at some point and that was it.

    Lisa, here's hoping there's more "best of times" with the kiddos!

    Beth, sounds like a good time. I was eating lunch yesterday, and ESPN was showing highlights on the nearest screen. The field was all blue, and I immediately thought "there's either a huge problem with that screen or they're playing in Boise." It's always cool with a college team comes out of nowhere to be a top-5 contender.

    OK, let's see if the mimes will hold the roof up for another day…

  5. Morning, gang!! Thanks for all the "hoorahs" yesterday and this a.m. Seemed to be successful at the marketing thing. Blood Heat is at < 16,000 ranking on Amazon, which is better than any other of my books thus far.

    I slept through whatever storms we got, but my sinuses KNOW the weather changed. Sinus headache for the FAIL.

    @ the mimes and hope I can stay sane for the rest of the day.


  6. And 'hoorahs' from me too, Maria. Great stuff!
    I'm recovering from nightmare proofreading: someone sent the typesetter the wrong version, bits missing, pages misplaced. Aaaaaaaaarrrgghhh. All done now and hopefully OK.
    No time to relax as it's half-term here. Do you have that? School holiday, a week off half way through the Christmas term. (3 term school year: Sept-Dec; Jan-Easter;April-July.) So there are kids all over the place and there will be some here tomorrow for a few days!

    Waves feebly to all, and sending good luck to Lisa's hubby! He sounds lovely, he's bound to get the job!

  7. Hello all, bad morning. Called insurance company and contractor about storm damage to roof. Have to deal with family mess this week, and still have a ton of work to get the book out the door on Monday. Oh yeah, and week after next is the budget approval for the county.


  8. Eek, Kelly. Sorry about the damage. Glad it wasn't worse, but still. Nasty storms! And bad timing...

    Sending big virtual hugs for all you're juggling this week.

  9. Andi, that is beautiful ... love the reds and the lines and that light.

  10. Oh Kelly, that's really rotten. I hope nothing in the house was damaged too.

    Happy visiting, Beth.

    Yay for missed storms and sleeping kids, Farf.

    Higher and higher, Maria!

    Sheesh, Nicky. That sounds like a royal pain. My husband's school system has fall break but it's only two days.

    Thanks, O. Of course, the trees did all the hard wo.rk