Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

Fire on the Water

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From "The One Year Daily Haiku Project"
by Paul J. R. Brown

Reflected sky
and ripples at the water's edge,
a murmur soft.


  1. Picture makes my stomach flip.
    Memories of sea sickness are STRONG.

    Congrats Mary and Nancy for Mizzou's win. WooHoo for beating Okla. (We Texans are a mean bunch when it comes to OU)
    Too bad Texas couldn't get it together with Iowa State. They'd never beat us before.

    Andi, interesting combo for dinner, I love all the parts.

    Beth--our tumbleweed. West for the winter-HMMMMMMM. Enjoy your day of football and friends. 56 hours driving, holy smokes. Safe travels.

    Now off to work on query letter. Hate this part. Want to write on next story instead of sell this first one.

    Relaxing Sunday to all.

  2. Funny that you think sea sickness, Lisa - I thought it was some kind of algae on the water. I can imagine that wouldn't bring back good memories!

    Never have written haiku, but it might be interesting.

    Tumbleweed is tired of tumbling. A few more weeks...

    Yay for Mizzou, sorry about the Horns. Crazy football day yesterday! I think I won lunch with Wisconsin beating Iowa...

    Today it's breakfast with a girlfriend, football with my wine store friends, and dinner with my BFFs. Then it's on the road again in the morning to see my aunt in NC. Still high 80's in FL, but I think that'll change as I go north.

    Good luck with the letter, Lisa. I think Jen has the right idea, write for the joy of it, rather than trying to sell. That's the hard part. Has anyone heard from her, BTW?

    Peaceful Sunday, y'all.

  3. Lisa, virtual Dramamine headed your way. Although, you'd have to be in a really small canoe for those waves to upset your tummy; trough to crest was maybe 3 or 4 inches. Good luck with the work of selling.

    Beth, the orange patches are the reflection of the leaves on opposite hillside. Hope breakfast, football, and travel are tasty, triumphant, and trouble free.

  4. Wow, that blue is the bluest blue that ever blued! I love it.

    Mizzou! Next up: Chiefs.

  5. That's the blue of a cloudless, desert-desciated, Utah blue sky reflected in a choppy, drought-dried, Indiana lake, Nancy.

  6. Drive by hi to all. Just got back from Kansas and Omaha. Both were great and Nancy is the best ever - we had a wonderful time in Kansas, and Nancy was a big part of it.

  7. Hi Dina, glad you're back, gladder you had a great trip.

  8. Waves at Dina! You guys are fun.

    Jim, I would never in a million years have guessed that was sky reflection.