Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

Tom (1935-2010) loved Robert W. Service's poems. Plied with enough strong drink, Tom might perform one of his longer poems.

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by Robert William Service
(16th January 1949)

I thank whatever gods may be
For all the happiness that's mine;
That I am festive, fit and free
To savour women, wit and wine;
That I may game of golf enjoy,
And have a formidable drive:
In short, that I'm a gay old boy
Though I be

My daughter thinks. because I'm old
(I'm not a crock, when all is said),
I mustn't let my feet get cold,
And should wear woollen socks in bed;
A worsted night-cap too, forsooth!
To humour her I won't contrive:
A man is in his second youth
When he is

At four-score years old age begins,
And not till then, I warn my wife;
At eighty I'll recant my sins,
And live a staid and sober life.
But meantime let me whoop it up,
And tell the world that I'm alive:
Fill to the brim the bubbly cup -
Here's health to


  1. A perfect poem and I can even imagine him reciting it.

    I'll be sending good thoughts to both of you and to Andi's sister all day. I'm actually going to an old fashioned Irish wake today and when I lift a glass it will be for Tom too.

    The Irish always say that we live on through the stories that our loved ones remember and repeat. So keep telling his story.

  2. Aw, great epitaph, Jim. I wish I'd seen that poem a couple weeks ago, I could have recited it for Dad (who did reach that aforementioned fourscore) when I was there. But that would have meant your brother went earlier, and no one wanted that.

  3. The change of seasons reminds me of the changing in ourselves and those around us.
    It is hard to lose those that bring out the best in us. Makes us mindful to be grateful for those people and things in our lives that we enjoy.
    Big Cyberhugs coming your way, Andi and Jim.

  4. Thanks Mary, Farf, & Lisa. Tom was my bil, Andi's sister's husband, and a great friend.

  5. And remembering them keeps them alive. He will live in your hearts forever. A very nice tribute.

  6. Andi and Jim, I'm so sorry you have lost such a good friend. If I lived closer I'd bring over a casserole, so perhaps you should be glad I live far away. Sending long-distance sympathy and hugs,instead.

    p.s. In my experience, men who can recite poetry, especially lengthy poems, are always charming.

  7. I'm so sorry you've lost your friend. He has a beautiful smile - the kind that makes one smile looking at it.

    Thoughts and hugs Andi and Jim, and to your family as well. xoxo