Thursday, October 28, 2010

Something Green May Stay

Taken October 17, 2010.

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  1. Well, heck, Jim - I guess someone had to be first, too. ::g::

    I figured I'd sully the VGW, as the insomnia fairy, who'd kept her distance, whacked me a good one last night. I haven't been to sleep. :(

    I do know the cause--adjusting meds/forgetting to take meds. Because of a short half-life, if I miss 2 days (which I did), I pay for it with insomnia & nausea. Isn't that a blast? :<

    oh well, I managed to tweak a couple of chapters & add a scene that was necessary. Was also playing around with getting imagery off the web - photos to match characters. Had an epiphany. Matt Bomer (White Collar) is Gideon. He's got that devil-may-care charm that can easily turn to evil. ::g::

    I really, really, really want to crawl into bed right now, but I've still got a full day @ the mimes this week. Bah, humbug.

    ::waves to the later risers:

  2. Two query letters went out and more will go later today.

    Deep breath and begin the next leg of the journey.

    Maria, glad you made progress. Slap down that insomnia fairy or take meds.

    Kelly--here's hoping for quick roof repairs and book and budget work.

    Nicky, now it's time to have pour a cocktail.

    Thursday Winking at Friday.
    Fake Friday here. We have to stay till 8pm Parent Teacher Conferences--sigh, then half day tomorrow with no kiddos. WooHoo.

  3. Lisa - meds taken! I normally take in the a.m. and it's supposed to be extended release. The "withdrawal" from this particular med is VICIOUS. And I triggered it by forgetting for 2 mornings in a row. Duh.

    Am somewhat amused my alarm just went off. Heh. I've already showered and dressed and eaten brekkie. Should I go into the mimes early...? Nah.

  4. Gosh, that so looks like a painting, andi. One lone survivor...

    Bah to the insomnia fairy, Maria. Glad you got work done, but too bad you can't nap today to make up for it. Here's to a peaceful rest tonight.

    Yay for query letters, Lisa! You go, girl. Fingers crossed.

    Last day at my aunt's. Will visit with my cousin today - had dinner with another one last night. The good side of my family. Dinner with a high school friend and his wife tonight. Then on the road to Panama City tomorrow.

    Transcribing prison phone calls for work these days. My ears and fingers burn at the language. A peek at a world that's so alien to me. Ready for a Disney movie!

    Happy Fake Friday, y'all. Hope no storms whacked you last night!

  5. Hi all. I'm at my mom's having shepherded her through cataract surgery. I thought I'd be cut off from the internet except through my phone but one of her neighbor's has very neighborly left their wireless router wide open. Thank you FSM for trusting people.

    Sorry about the insomnia, Maria, but I'm glad you could do something with the time.

    Fingers crossed for you, Lisa.

    Transcribing prison phone calls, Beth? It sounds like a great hook for a thriller.

  6. Hey all! Andi, no conifers? Even if we didn't have extended warm weather, there would be green around here simply because of the pines… not to mention the cypresses that look like gigantic Christmas trees. (We had the A/C on in the car on the way to lunch today, but it snowed in Canada last winter so there's no global warming.)

    Maria, insomnia suxx, be it meds or a cranky grandbaby. :-) Fortunately, the latter wasn't an issue last night. Sounds like you made better use of your bout than I did.

    Lisa, may one or both of your two query letters get a positive response!

    Beth, I think Andi's got something there. Someone "with a past" transcribing those conversations picks up on something that got by the eavesdroppers somehow, and… and…

    Andi, your mom doing OK then? I think it would totally suck to be blind; I depend on my nearsighted vision so much.

    I finally got my "FAR Manor Fall Colors" post up. Picasaweb allows embedding a slideshow, but they don't make it obvious. Here's the linky — if you click on it directly, you get the photo album. To start the slideshow, click the little peeled-back part in the bottom right corner, then click it again.

  7. Oh crap, I almost forgot. Maria, I've been playing with My Avatar Editor, it lets you create Wii-like cartoon characters. For example, here's Tim Petro from White Pickups.

    Thought you might be interested.

  8. Testing to see if this post actually makes it through.

  9. Farf, we do have pines, cedar, and spruce so yes there is other green but don't you go spoiling my visual poetry. :P

    Test successful, Dina!

  10. Almost forgot -- great photos, Farf. I loved the pumpkin photo.