Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Red Drift

Taken October 7, 2010.

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  1. Fall colors showing up here too. More yellows than reds.

    A good Monday with ten families at counseling.

    I'm deep in agent research. Who accepts unsolicited queries, who is signing new clients, who is selling books, who is selling contemporary YA. Looking at the six figure deals does get the juices a flowing. Gotta have dreams, but reality is much smaller.

    Terrific Tuesday for all.

  2. Mmm. We're not getting many reds here yet, except for a really dull hue from the occasional dogwood. I think fall here this year, like Lisa's is going to be heavy on yellow/gold.

    Good luck with the agent search, Lisa.

    From yesterday: yes, we unloaded all but one pup… as so often happens, the one we thought would go first was the last pup sitting. And that happened to be the one The Boy wanted to keep. There were like four or five families who wanted him but couldn't quite pull the string, so Mrs. Fetched decided that was a sign. (The one that went first was the one I would have preferred to keep… figures.)

    Chilly ride to the mimes in store, but that's the breaks… later!

  3. Howdy from cool Phoenix! Looks like I picked the right week to visit - T-storms in the forecast.

    Good luck with the research, Lisa - it truly is a long process. But worth it in the end!

    Gotta work this morning, then hopefully wander the city this afternoon. Oh, the big news that I've been hinting at - met a guy a while back through my blog, and we finally met in person this weekend, after spending months emailing and talking on the phone. And reading each other's blogs. Sparks flew in Vegas. Looks like we'll be much more than blog buddies. Color me happy.

    Hope everyone has a stellar Tuesday. I need to do some work, then cruise the Valley this afternoon. Hoping to find some pretty spots to show andi... :-)

    Happy day, y'all!

  4. Hi, gang!! Just missed the morning. Got to the mimes and had to help setup laptop for staff meeting (which is a Webex & conf call since we have remote staff).

    Then, you know, got busy working!!

    It's GORGEOUS fall weather here, a bit gray, but I don't care because it's cool.

    Got a lot done on Book 5 last night - about 3000 words. All the chapters are more or less boned out - I basically set them up and write notes about what happens. Now, I'm just writing the flesh.

    Beth, woohoo for sparkage!! I've heard of that. ::g::

    Lisa, reality in book advances totally bites. Oh well, it's better than nothing, right?

    Hope you all are having a lovely day.

  5. You too can be the next Suzanne Collins! (Smaller reality, Lisa, 'cause I didn't say J.K. Rowling).

    We had a lot more red this year than usual, Farf. I imagine it was connected to the drought somehow. We're making the move toward brown now. Congrats to the newest member of the family. :)

    Yay for better living through (the best kind of) chemistry, Beth! But there are no pictures at your blog. We wanna see him. :(

    Ah, I loved being remote staff on calls, Maria. You all have to sit there and pay attention while I surf the web and play with the dogs. :)

  6. So Beth: are you saying what happened in Vegas isn't staying in Vegas?

    Andi, The Boy named him Mongo. I'll get a pic up when I get a chance. He looks very much like Buster, who (when I thought about it) had to have lived 20+ years.

  7. Dina is here! She and her travel buddy Sally arrived today and we went for bbq tonight. Tomorrow, we drive off into deepest Kansas.

  8. Can't wait for the pic of Mongo (The Boy is a Flash Gordon fan?), Farf.

    Ooh, Nancy, very jealous but since my mother raised me right, I shall put that aside and be happy for all of you (it does help that driving into deepest Kansas or shallowest Kansas for that matter is way, way down on my bucket list).