Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Pleasures of the Unopen Road

Taken October 10, 2010.

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  1. Yummy colors. Feels like a hug from Mother Nature.

    Dina's in Kansas and Nancy is playing state hostess. WooHoo for traveling.

    Beth + New Fellow = No wonder she's been so quiet about football. Love/lust is a many splendid thing. I'm with Andi--where's the pics?

    Farf, Cute Free Pups is definately evil. Glad some found homes away from your home.

    Wonderful Weds. To All.

  2. Heh, looks open (in the sense of being able to drive down it) to me!

    Lisa, I'm sure Beth has been fumbling and tackling… well, at least someone completed a pass! g/d/r Here's hoping…

    Andi, The Boy was probably thinking Blazing Saddles rather than Flash Gordon. I might leash Mongo up this afternoon when I take Mason on a stroll, just to see how he does. If that works out, I'll get pics.

    At home, but miming it. Later!

  3. Morning all! Yep, been kind of distracted. On top of the traveling and Vegas and visiting and everything, spending lots of time on the phone. Guy lives in Phoenix. at least for now - see my interest, andi? Not close enough to water for me, but I'm willing to try it for a while.

    Anyway, will try to do a post today at my place with pix.

    Love the idea of the unopen road...very tired of wandering right now, and still have a month of it to go.

    Puppies! I get all gushy over puppies. You can have the babies...and Blazing Saddles is still one of my all-time favorites.

    Okay, off and running. Thanks for the fall colors, andi - figures I pick yet another place to live w/o them, sigh.


  4. Lovely, lovely photo, Andi. I wish I were riding a horse down that road right now!

    Beth, I'm looking forward to checking out your blog for guy details.

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  6. Sorry, that was me. Yep, pictures of the guy at my place later today. We're just enjoying getting to know each other at this point - in time we'll figure out the rest. Life is good!

  7. I've been really surprised, Lisa, that the colors are been so good in this drought. They're going a lot faster than usual though.

    Heh, I guess I'm showing my age by where my mind went first, Farf. :)

    Well Beth, I guess we all make sacrifices for love. ;) He should to take you to the Desert Botanical Garden and to Taliesin West to help make up for living in the ugliest city in the US (and so far from any water no less).

    Hiya CF! Nice to see you back for a visit. You can come gallop over here any time.

  8. I know, andi. So far from water, sigh. At least he doesn't live where it snows...that would be a deal breaker.

    I've been to Taliesen West, and loved it. Will check into the Botanical Garden, and plan to take many hikes in the mountains around town.

    We had wine and tapas at a quiet outdoor cafe last night, which was lovely. I'm off to Trader Joe's this morning - I WILL find good things about living in a city. And I WILL go to San Diego regularly to fill my need for the ocean...

  9. There's some pretty wonderful water to go see at the Grand Canyon, too. Of course, it's a bit of a hike to get to it. :)

    If you feel like a bit of jaunt there's much better hiking around Tucson, Flagstaff, and Sedona.

  10. I'll definitely be visiting all those places, andi. The best part about this place is that it's close to other prettier places. :-)