Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not So Sad to be Leaving

Taken October 14, 2010.

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  1. Pretty leaves, Andi.
    Ours are falling.

    Daughter says people are nice at work. Took her to lunch yesterday.
    Hubby's interview went really well, so hope to hear an offer soon.

    Good counseling session last night and kiddos very good in class.
    But today new kiddos-Challenges a coming. So gotta enjoy each day as is.

    Terrific Tuesday to all.

  2. This was almost two weeks ago and most of the trees are close to bare -- though some of them are both almost bare and still green. The drought has made for a weird fall. Great news on both daughter and hubby!

  3. Today is a GOOD DAY!!!

    Why? Because it's BOOK LAUNCH DAY!!!!! Yes, Blood Heat is officially on the shelves.

    Morning, all!

    Lisa, great news on the daughter & hubby!

    Andi, just say NO to fall leaving...oddly enough, (ha!) we're in another heat wave. 75F - in the last week of OCTOBER. Ugh. Good thing I've not packed away all my summer clothing.

    I shall be @ the mimes today, tripping the light fantastic as my various marketing efforts pay off (hopefully!!). I've got a guest essay today at All Things Urban Fantasy, an interview at Amberkatze's Book Blog and will be a spotlight item at RT Book Reviews. How's that for effort? ::g::

    Wishing everyone a glorious Tuesday!

  4. Leaves gone already, andi? Wow. Ugh. Hopefully the drought will end soon. It poured here last night - Florida could use it, too.

    YAY Maria! Congrats on all of your hard work - it's paying off! Looking forward to reading the latest book!

    And more congrats to new jobs, Lisa. Good times ahead.

    Quiet day at my aunt's house. A little work, a little visiting. And Carolina BBQ for dinner, yummm yum. Raining here - wish I could send it your way, andi.

    Hope everyone has a quiet day! I'll be watching all of the Judge shows, if anyone needs legal advice...

  5. Hi all.

    Good news: we got rain this morning.

    Bad news: it came with tornado and storm warnings, high wind, and -- of course -- power outages.

    No damage from the storm and no touch downs here and hopefully I'll be back on the grid instead of using up my dwindling battery the next time I check in.

  6. Andi!! I wondered if you were in that mess. It's insane!!

    We're supposed to get the fallout from your storms sometime late in the night. I'm hoping it's all calmed down by then.

    ::prays for your power to be restored::

  7. Power's back!

    It was a bit crazy and the dogs didn't like being in the basement one little bit.

    I think it lost its steam -- the radar was a long line of red as it passed through Indiana but now over in Ohio it's mostly green with a little yellow.

  8. Howdy, all. Nice & warm today, but Mason kept us up all night so I wasn't in a good frame of mind to enjoy it. It might be the last day of driving around with the windows down until next spring though. We have a tornado watch until 10, but so far so good. The color change is upon us, lots of bright yellow out there.

    Yay for kiddos behaving, book launches, getting shows watched, and surviving heavy weather! Mimes are home tomorrow, one more yay…

  9. Maria, Congratulations!

    Waves to all.

    Book roughed, betaed, sent out, and returning. Working on that now. Will go to editor on the ~1st (1 month early). Then I have to plunge into the next one since this one took about 6 weeks longer than expected.

    County Board 2011 Budget approval scheduled in two weeks which has meant all kinds of board work.

    Book + board = swamped. But Dr.Mc and I did manage to get away last weekend. Up north with hot tub, a good liquor cabinet old friend who happen to be gourmet cooks, and no internet. Very restful. Fighting the laundry monster now.


  10. Sorry you lost power - I figured our storms were heading in your direction. Although I actually slept through most of them. My part of the city didn't get hit very hard.

    Congratulations Maria! Happy Book Launch Day. Picture a Hallmark Greeting Card from me with, on a the front, a book being launched from a rocket launcher. :)

    Hope you get some rest tonight FarF.