Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mirror Unmirrored

Taken October 2, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. LOVE the Reflection pic.

    Life is good. Two of our biggest pain in the drains were released yesterday to go back to their home campus. Hubby may have a job opportunity and daughter is interviewing for a job today.

    Wonderful Weds to All.

  2. Yay for the good life. I'm wishing great good luck for the job hunters!

  3. Those are stunning, andi. Thanks for a glimpse of fall colors down here in green Florida.

    Days fly by, and I don't realize I've missed them. Visiting, working, planning, driving. I'm very ready for a break.

    Off to Orlando today for a couple of down days. Then Vegas for the weekend, a trip I'm extremely excited about. There might be news coming after I get back.

    Anyway, yay for good news, Lisa. And productivity and fall colors and temps. Now if we could just get some rain to fall on andi's world...

    Outta here. Gonna go play in traffic. Have a scrumptious day, y'all!

  4. Early Fake!Friday this week for me. Taking tomorrow as PTO so I can concentrate on writing.

    Discombobulated day so far. Sigh.

    Lisa, grand news and best of luck to the job seekers!!

    Andi - lovely, lovely pics!!

    Beth, safe journey to the big O... ::g:: (had to beat Farf there!)

    ::waves to the rest of you all::

  5. Oh Maria, don't get him started.... :-))

  6. Hi, all. Quick stop by and off to proctor a practice LSAT. Such fun.

  7. Heehee, I didn't even think about that one until Maria tossed it out there! I have somewhat less pleasant nicknames for Orlando anyway. Come to think of it, there's a "Big O' Forklifts" (with the apostrophe) around here, but my all-time favorite business name is still "S&M Clutch and Brake" down by Piedmont Park.

    The debris in the water mars the reflection just a little, but adds character too. We're socked in with clouds too, and got some rain last night.

    Yay for big pains going away, Lisa!

    Have "fun" proctoring, Dina.

    Working at home today, it's a kind of slack one given that everything's waiting for comments. Version 5.034A Patch 2 indeed.

  8. Beth, you must have the Magic Kingdom touch because it did rain today! Not a lot but any at all is wonderful. Thanks.

    Good luck with the day off, Maria. Hope you write lots. (I'm ignoring the Big O chatter -- 'cause us geezers are all about action, not talk.)

    Make 'em be good, Dina.

    Love the name of the Clutch shop, Farf.