Friday, October 1, 2010

Lightly Enthusiastic

Taken September 22, 2010.

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    KS and Teach, one of our dogs used to bring home stray (and Harvey the not so stray) dogs all the dog. They just seemed to find him irresistible -- the ultimate attractive nuisance. So I'm guessing it's the combined star quality of the two of you that is doing it. :)

    And that's cool about the kids seeing the photos. Maybe they will inspire a trip to Pictured Rocks some day.

    ... back to today.

    How about that! That journey to the weekend that started with a Monday is gonna end with a Friday.

  2. Andi, you are tour guide extrodinaire. I love following your trails.

    Friday=happy dance. Things are heating up at school. More kids means challenging behavior. DRAMA kings abound.

    Sonboy doing a drive by, then he and hubby are off to do manly man things with friends. Texas-OU game tomorrow so daughter seeing friends and enjoying festivities, but not going to the game. Brother and I will watch on drive in size screen at home. I'm hoping it's a good game, since UCLA slammed the horns last week.

    We had a Maine Coon that was my all time favorite kitty. Would take another in a heart beat. Wait, we already have five felines at the house--never mind.

    Fabulous Day to All.

  3. Morning from Fairhope, AL. Music fest in full swing. Beautiful weather, tho I'd like some of that crazy rainy windy weather, Maria. Stay inside and dry with Kit!

    Sending get 'er done vibes, Kelly!

    Yay to all of you who take in strays. You all get gold stars AND gooey brownie points.

    Off and running. Enjoy the games on the Drive In TV, Lisa - hook 'em Horns!!

    TGIF, y'all!

  4. Morning, gang.

    Andi - LOVE LOVE LOVE the fall colors in the pic. This is my time of year.

    Lisa - bummer about the drama kings. Hope you get the best of them.

    Beth, have a great time with all the music. Sounds like a blast!

    I'm done with my piddling about this a.m. Woke up late, fiddled with kitchen, just ate brekkie. Now, time to write because this book ain't writing itself!!

    Happy Friday!

  5. Andie, that golden color! Staggeringly beautiful. Magical. There must be fairies in there somewhere.

    Allergies suck.

    You guys don't suck.

  6. Andi, I gave you an "e." I hope you have a use for it.

  7. So follow that trail up here and visit again, Lisa. :)

    Fairhope, eh? Lots to live up to in that name. Hope the music does.

    I'm not sure what kind of color I'll have for you this year, Maria. Last time we had a drought everything went pastel (the photo in the header is from that year) but I don't think that's going to happen this year because so many leaves are down already and others have already gone brown.

    I'm gonna use it as an "e" for effort, Nancy, because I just got a smartphone that is making me work hard to not feel dumb.

  8. andi, Fairhope is gorgeous. I could see living here, were I looking for a home on the Gulf. Very cool place.

    As the girl told me when I bought my Smartphone, for the first 2 weeks you'll want to throw it against the wall. Then you'll like it. 8 months later, I love it, except for trying to text on the touch screen. But otherwise it's great. Enjoy!

  9. I haven't gotten too frustrated it with it yet -- thanks to the internet, I've been able find solutions to most of the vexing stuff. And I can't type on those keyboard screens or on those tiny little keys which is why I got a phone with a real keyboard.

  10. Great reminder of Fairhope, Beth - gorgeous in the fall and spring. Now I just wish for woods like Andi & Jim have, to walk through every day.

    Hook'em Horns! I won't join the alumni association, Lisa, but I can still want UT to grind those Okies into the end zone a few times. Actually, I just want the tower to light up orange and put on a few more smiles after the recent difficulties on campus.

    Cool weekend wishes for you all!