Monday, October 11, 2010

Good to the Last Drop

It's completely dried up now. In the 31 years we've lived here, this is only the second time I can remember this creek going completely dry.
Taken September 24, 2010.

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  1. Andi, here's hoping plenty of rain comes your way. It's these times that make us appreciate the simple wonder of water. The pups will be grateful too for a drink and a dip when it returns.

    Staff Dev day so no kiddos-WooHoo. Instead, talk about those things that make staff prickly and oversensitive.

    Spent much of yesterday looking at agency websites and agent likes and submission requirements. Hoop of fire to make it through.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. That's just awful, andi. How weird that nature is so fickle - floods just north of you. Drought here in FL again, apparently, but not that bad. Except that we're going into the dry season. Hopefully nature can rebound from man's interference.

    Yay for no kiddos, Lisa! And double day for diving into the agent search. A wonderful one is waiting out there for you to find them.

    Off to Tampa today, a leisurely 3 hour drive. Will take my time - unless work shows up in my queue. My arms could use a rest from the laptop. Getting very excited about Friday and heading to Vegas - but will relax and enjoy the days between. Can't wish my life away.

    I will wish for rain, andi...

    Waving to all who follow! Oh, congrats to Kelly for finishing the book, and sending healthy vibes to shake that nasty cold he's been fighting!

  3. Andi, hope you get rain!!

    Fall weather ran away and today's high will be in the mid-to-high 80s. Noooooooooo!!!!!!

    Lisa, yay for a day w/o the kids!!

    Beth, safe travels as always!

    I managed to pound out very little wordage on Sat/Sun, but I suppose my insane 7500 word-Friday made up for it. Getting down to the wire!

    Happy Monday, all!! No holiday for me, sadly.

  4. Thanks for all the rain wishes, Lisa, Beth, and Maria. Sadly, for the next 7 days, there's only one day with a chance of rain and that's only 20%. :(

    Hope you all have your wishes fulfilled.

  5. Andi, I wish I could have sent you some of the rain we got last week.

    Now we have Fall and I am most pleased.

    Happy Monday, all.

  6. Hallooo!

    Lisa, good luck with the agent search.

    Beth, hope you have a lovely drive, and thank you.

    Maria, I hope the book comes to a smooth and satisfying conclusion for you and that it does it soon.

    Andi, fingers crossed for some rain coming your way.

    Marvelous Monday to all and sundry.

    Broken Blade is DONE! Now I've got to go through and clean up the last half of the book over the next couple of days to get it out to beta readers, but that's so much more manageable than the actual writing.

    Mood = very good.


  7. I really laughed outload when I read Nancy's line yesterday, "If I lived closer I'd bring you a caserole, be glad I live far away." :)

    We didn't have much of a summer here. Last week, we had a few days in the 80s though. Brief, late summer. It'll rain one day and then the next be sunny.

    The climate of our society has gotten' to the point where you can hardly discuss "the weather" without someone flipping out. Cashiers and clerks have been verbally assaulted just for saying, "strange weather we're haveng huh?" or dawg forbid they mention global warming. We had one lady freak out and call a clerk a "stupid sh*t" and something along the lines of "you and your N*** president..."

    Science and education is for stupid sh*t elitists. ROFL

    Irony deficient much?

    I'm not worried about war, global warming or using up all our resources. Naw. I'm worried about being dragged into the dark ages by the "enlightened". ;)

    Hoping the dogs get some rainfall.

    Still "celebrating" Lennon's birthday. Across the Universe brings me so much peace. How I miss Lennon and Harrison. Imagine the songs they'd be singing today...

  8. Waves to all. We're having wonderful autumn weather and even our week in Wales was lovely - and Wales is notoriously damp! Bogged down in proofs for the upcoming mystery, and have been busy, busy, busy. BUT, I sold SIX paintings at our very posh and upmarket art exhibition. It's not been a pretty sight, Nicky being hideously smug!

  9. We have fall colors, Dina, but not fall temps -- it was 87 today. Ugh.

    Woo hoo, Kelly. Big congrats!

    Sounds like things are a little 'tetchy' out there, Janet.

    Wow Nicky, that's really outstanding. I'd love to see you being smug -- why don't you come over here for a painting trip (this is a big arts area) and show me first hand.

  10. Just a quick one before I dive back into the writing. It's amazing how when you accept that A happens or B doesn't, sometimes the floodgates just swing open. It's like sitting in a kayak on that dry creekbed, paddle in hand, and you hear the rumbling coming downstream…

    Lisa, do "things that make staff prickly" include getting undermined by so-called superiors? :-P

    Beth, I think you've entered the Pinball Zone — you're bouncing around so fast it's hard to keep up!

    Good luck blasting across the finish line, Maria! I'm sure Kelly and Nicky are waiting for you with beverage of choice.

    Janet, I have to believe politics is little more than a bunch of people gaming the system for their own ends, but you have to keep up with it. I just don't discuss it IRL because the pod people are like a 3-1 majority here in Sector 706. You can tell a pod person, but you can't tell 'em a dang thing, so I don't bother trying.

    OK, off to the story. Oh, by the way, Tim knocked up Sara in WP.

  11. Andi, Jim, my deepest condolences on your lost brother-in-law and friend, Tom.

  12. Happy writing, Farf.

    Thank you Kelly.