Friday, October 15, 2010

Glory Be for Dappled Things

Taken October 4, 2010.

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  1. Blue and Gold Beauty!!!!

    Daughter got the job offer. Now they do a background check. If all goes well, she'll start next week.

    After driving across the county 2x for staff development--I'm glad I live close to work.
    Daughter set up horse shoes and we had a brew and played. Neither knowing how the heck to play. Mom got a ringer and showed daughter she's still got plenty of gusto.

    Maria--Wow, you put the bike together yourself. GREAT. Kit can laze nearby wondering why her human is doing such crazy things.

    Go Rangers--Beat those Yankees.
    Fabulous Friday to All.

  2. And woo hoo for the daughter's job offer ... and your horse shoe gusto. :)

  3. Serene beauty in today's pic. Gorgeous!!

    Lisa, w00t for the daughter's job offer!!

    Me, I'm banging keys again today. Did some retooling yesterday and now I have the path through the muddy middle. I'm hoping to do another mondo writing burst as I did last Friday.

    Happy Friday, folks!

  4. Just stopping in to say hello to everyone. I've been dealing with new health issues on top of old health issues, am undergoing testing now and will most likely continue to be absent until that's over, but fwiw I have been thinking about all of you and of course wishing you the best.

    Andi & Jim, I'm so very sorry for the recent loss in your family. Big comforting hugs to you both.

    I hope everyone is well as can be, all things considered, and that you all have as lovely a weekend as possible.

  5. Beautiful photo, Andi!

    We're getting ready for a wind storm later on. Let's hope the power holds.

    I hope that things get better, Jen.

    Good weekend to all!

  6. Andi you could probably sell this to be hung in some psychologist's office. It is very soothing and yet still interesting.

    Jen, sorry to hear about the new health issues. Hope things get better soon.

    b2 - hope the wind doesn't blow you away :)

    Hi to everyone else. Happy Friday!

  7. Hello to everyone,

    Got the computer started again - Don't know for how long.

    Sorry I'm missing everything that's going on with everyone. Sooner or later I'll get another computer. My brother keeps promising he'll bring me one, but........

    George and I are doing fine. We're still in the house, but don't know for how long.

    Gotta go before the computer freezes up.

    Everyone take care.


    BTW - I still can't get my google account or unername or password, so I have to sign in as Anonymous.

    Everyone take care and be happy!

  8. Warp (weft?) speed ahead, Maria!

    Thanks, Jen. I miss you. I hope things settle down soon.

    Chain yourself to the mountaintop, bo2 (I haven't gotten over the chained to the rocks weather station on the top of Mt. Washington yet).

    Maybe I could sell me to hang in some psychologists office to be unsoothing but interesting. ;)

    Hey, hey, FM. So happy to hear from you. You know you could always go hang out at the library s you could visit us more often. I know it's not exactly slackerly but it's not high energy either so I think it wouldn't compromise your high standards very much.

  9. Another cloudy with hints of rain today. Though the leaves look pretty.

    Tired after working on the TRX straps.