Saturday, October 23, 2010

Drop Down

Taken October 13, 2010.

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  1. How wonderful to be alone in the woods!!!
    House full with comings and goings. Nephew here. Daughter gone yesterday, coming back today. Hubby gone today, coming back tomorrow. And I have a Friday deadline to start querying.
    So Busy B Me.

    Farf, hugs to Mason.

    Rangers in the World Series-WooHoo.

    Waves to All as getting to work while others still sleeping.

  2. Having dogs means never being alone in the woods. :)

  3. ::yawns::

    Lisa, you are a WAY early riser!!

    I'm mentally wandering in Andi's woods right now, my brain is sleeping still. ::g::

    Had a plan to get up and get moving this morning, but so did not work! Heh.

    Just finished brekkie and am contemplating getting writing done now. Need energy, darn it!

    ::waves to all of you::

  4. It was a beautiful day here which was great even though I spent most of the morning just running around doing errands. Sunshine ... makes me happy.

    Ready for a night with no plans. Maybe I'll even watch the Mizzou/Oklahoma game.

  5. I hope Nancy is watching this Mizzou game. Great first quarter.

  6. Hope you got a lot done, Maria.

    I'll leave the football games to you, Mary, but I'll join in feeling happy but mine is because I just got back from dinner at Turkish restaurant where I had a casserole with artichoke hearts, carrots, eggplant, potatoes, green beans, and carrots in a light but spicy tomato sauce. Yum.

  7. You can tell how crazy my life is these days, when I can't find time to stop in and say hi. :-(

    Dinner sounds yummy, andi! I had microwave pasta. At least I didn't have to go out for it - staying with friends in St Augustine, and they were out for the evening, so I had the microwave to myself. Soon I'll be able to make real food again - I might even stray from my cereal diet!

    Yay for comings and goings, for lazy days, and for being productive. Hopefully everyone has fun plans for tomorrow. I'm meeting a friend for coffee, watching football with other friends, and probably doing some dog-walking. Driving to NC on Monday - just figured out that I have 56 more hours of driving left before I head west to my winter home. EGADS, I'm nuts.

    Happy Saturday, y'all, or what's left of it!

  8. Wow. Mizzou just beat OU. First time since 1998. I'm kinda in shock. What a great game.

  9. Yikes! I don't how you can do all that driving, Beth. Be safe.

    Sorry about the game, Mary.

    And my condolences to any Phillies and Yankees fans.