Saturday, October 2, 2010

Darkly Enthusiastic

Taken September 23, 2010.

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  1. Wow, VGW, where the heck is everyone?

    Up early to feed Kit. Decided to stay up so I can get a decent start on the day's writing. Am in cursing the book mode now. It wants to be about ALL THE THINGS, and with 90-95K words, that's just not possible.

    ::sequesters self for balance of day::

    Happy weekend, all!

  2. Hey Maria, you ARE up early! Good luck on the book today - I'm very envious of your writing time today. And good luck in squeezing it all in!

    Kidspeak, you know Fairhope? What a great little town. I could see living here. No wonder it's voted as the top small town to live in regularly.

    I'll be staying in my room working most of the day, so I can play later. Great music so far - great weather - amazing sail on Mobile Bay yesterday. Nice to see old friends from FL. Might squeeze in an hour of sunbathing - all work and no play, you know.

    Happy weekend, everyone. Sending electronic hugs to all.

  3. I don't about anybody else, Maria, but I've spending my time trying to figure out why my old bluetooth headset won't work with my new phone (best answer: FSM's will).

    Sound like a grand time, Beth. Enjoy (yes, that's an order).

  4. Look like Ninja trees.

    Dropped daughter dear off at Fair grounds to do her Habitat volunteering before the game starts. Beautiful weather and a sea of orange and red swirling around the fair. Hope it's a good game. It will be a wonderful day. Brother and I will watch it on the Drive In screen for sure.

    Hoping the right words surround Maria and all that need them now.I don't know that I'll find any today. Definately tomorrow.

    Sensational Saturday for Beth in Al and Andi and Jim and Nancy and all the follow. Kidspeak- Hook 'em.