Friday, October 29, 2010

Danaë's First View of Zeus

Taken October 14, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Woohoo--Friday!!! And no kiddos.
    One parent for our three hour stay last night.

    Love Zeus.

    Rangers :(

    Andi, hope Mom recovers quickly and enjoys improved vision.

    Waves at off for half work day. WooHoo.

  2. Glad to hear your mom's surgery went OK. We are just above freezing, working on getting Mamacita and the 3 kittens inside.

    Staying home to work, yeah right! In any case, wonderful!

  3. Gorgeous, andi.

    No kidding, Lisa. They have to perk up this weekend.

    Working from home sounds great today - I'm driving 10+ hours to Panama City. A fun weekend ahead - just have to get there. Back to warm weather - 40 out there now.

    Fabulous Friday, everyone. Off and running.

  4. Andi, nice!! Things definitely looking up.

    I got a lovely 12 hours of sleep and am feeling MUCH better today. Spending the morning writing & waiting for Ms. Dina's arrival. She'll be attending the Rally for Sanity tomorrow. (I'd love to go but between writing needing to be done and my pathological hatred of crowds, I'm best off at home).

    Travel safe, Beth!!

    Lisa, hoorah for a half-day!

    ::waves at the rest of you::

    Happy Friday!

  5. Yello! This is truly a majestic shot, Andi, and thanks for the kind words about the slideshow. The pumpkin display is directly across the road from our driveway. As for us, The Boy did a fine job carving our own pumpkin this year.

    Lisa, it's interesting that the Giants are in the series just as I started reading Once Upon a Fastball on my Kindle. The first part of the book is partly about the Giants and interesting moments in playoff history. I personally have no dog in the World Series hunt at this point, just sitting back and watching fans from both sides online and munching popcorn.

    Kidspeak, here's hoping you get the kitties inside. No frost in the extended forecast on into November here, which gives the volunteer tomatoes a chance.

    Safe driving, Beth! Just turn the heater down through the day…

    OK, off to the mimes.

  6. Meh, forgot to hit preview to pick up Maria's comment. Oh well. I'd like to send DoubleRed to a Rally for Sanity, she could use it. :-P

  7. Thanks Lisa and KS. We had a little setback because there's more inflammation than is normal but the improvement itself is huge and she isn't suffering any discomfort.

    What a long drive. I swear you are a superhero, Beth.

    Yay for a good night's sleep, Maria, and a good friend's visit. Hope you and Dina have a great time.

    Wow, that is truly The Great Pumpkin, Farf!

  8. Yikes, Andi, hope your mum goes on well. I have a cataract forming on my left eye and am pretending it's not happening!
    House full of small boys and Daughter-in-law and I are drinking white wine and saying it's a man's job to put boys to bed! Female solidarity rules in this house!

    Happy Sunday all.

  9. Nicky, they upped the dosage on her eyedrops and all is well. The improvement in her vision was huge and immediate and the surgery itself took about 20 minutes. So don't be worried about getting that cataract removed.