Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cricket Chirping?

Taken October 2, 2010.

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  1. Ah VGW, how I've missed you...

    andi, that just looks dry dry dry...I'm glad you had a little rain yesterday. I'll try to find some more to send today.

    Yay to Maria for being the Goddess of the Tools!

    Kelly, are you better YET??

    In Orlando for the day. Not sure if I'll hit Disney, or settle for a cocktail at Margaritaville. Trying to have a relaxing day, after the whirlwind of the past few weeks. Then off to Vegas in the morning, for a fun-filled weekend. High school reunion, and meeting a special friend for the first time. I'm VERY excited!

    But first I have to do laundry and pack and get through today...

    I hope y'all have a fantastic day today - I'm planning to! Wish I could buy everyone a margarita...

  2. Don't look like no Jiminey Cricket to me. Where's his top hat?

    Beth, enjoy the day and time in Vegas. Look forward to hearing about your adventures.

    House is filled with drama. Hubby blew at daughter who blew at Bro. And I just blew at all the drama.
    Calgon take me away.
    Come on those job prospects.

    Off across town for staff Dev. Have a sub and all taken care of there. Here's to a no drama day.

    Thursday winking at Friday.

  3. Fall Break today & tomorrow, hip hip hurrah! I get to walk in the woods with Andi & the pack.

    Grades are due when I go back on Monday, boo hiss! I get to grade a bag full of papers.

  4. Sorry about the VGW, Beth, but we needed a quiet space to hear the cricket. :) Have fun at the reunion.

    It was a casual dress day, Lisa. Hope the blowing up have all blown over.

  5. Is that a cricket or a katydid?

    Beth, in my mind, Disney & relaxing don't mix. Go with the cocktail, and have fun in Vegas. I'll take that margarita next time you come through…

    Lisa, hope everyone gets jobs so they can start *****ing about work instead of at each other!

    Um, Andi, you put "dress" and "blowing up" just a little too close together. I had to do a double-take. Makes up for missing the obvious one yesterday, maybe.

    Snippet was playing that obnoxious "wassssuuuuup" clip on her phone — from here it sounded like Mason was upstairs screaming and I rushed out to see what was wrong. Mason was sitting there & gave me a big grin… no problem (except for Snippet's obvious lack of taste).

    Fun fun…

  6. Morning, gang!!

    late start to my day, but hey, I have a nifty exercise bike to show for my tenacity last night. Took me 2 bloody hours. Not difficult, but I took it slowly and RTFM--which is something I usually skip.

    Rode the bike for 20 mins this morning after feeding the ravening wee beastie. I feel accomplished!!

    Now, to take advantage of my PTO day and scuttle into the writing zone.

    Lisa, if you ever want to have AA take you away, come visit. I've got a comfy couch!!

    Beth, I vote for 'ritas and relaxing.

    Fabulous FakeFake Friday!! ::g::

  7. And then there were locusts!

    Margaritas! However, just reading your itinerary, Beth, makes me need a vacation. You must have mileage points in the kajillions. :)

    Daughter found something cool for us to do Sat 23. Google "Portland Zombie Walk" and you'll know. At the end, they do a mass "Thriller" dance in Pioneer Square. Just keeping Portland weird.

    Busy busy busy day at work yesterday. I'm exhausted. Old Phucker discount Wednesday, as well as a super sale to kick off the grand opening of a new store in Hawthorne digs. We're very fortunate. While other stores short shift it's staff and close down, we're building and building. But we're not corporate zombies sucking the life out of communities and it's employees. :)

    IEP for Wes tomorrow. Will be the first one at this program so we'll see. We've been "lucky" so far that it's a good school. Just got to remain vigilant as always though. And keep looking down the road. Someone at work asked me what autism was. I asked them if they had an entire weekend for me to try to explain it to them.

    Must've had something with dairy, soy or "whey powder" in it somehow. Woke up like a Snot Zombie. All congested and congnarly.

  8. Hi, all. The clouds from yesterday seemed to have arrived here today.

    Everyone take cover!

  9. I'm pretty sure it's a cricket, Farf. But if you want to bring in an entomologist to confirm it, that's fine with me. :)

    Have fun with the bike -- always easier when you don't have to fight the wind.

    Hope all goes well with Wes, Janet.

    Thanks, O!

    I'd love to take cover but our clouds are all gone and we're back to sunny times, Dina.