Friday, October 8, 2010

Cliches! Week: Wild Blue Yonder

Taken September 28, 2010.

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  1. Blue, My favorite color.

    Friday--doing happy dance.

    The challenges are cranking up but the kiddos aren't too bad.

    Shifting into query/synopsis writing mode this weekend. Rather face lions and tigers and bears.
    But having a good attitude.
    Maria, thanks for the input and I'll likely be contacting you more offloop for more info in the future.

    Hope the weather with you is as beautiful as is here.
    Fabulous Friday to All.

  2. Yay, Friday.

    A bit on the cool side out there this morning, but I might have to take the motorcycle to work anyway. And I've gotten two nights in a row of uninterrupted sleep. Amazing what that (and The Boy making coffee) will do for your general outlook.

  3. Love the blue. Second day of sunshine here.

    I have to work today but at least the sun is out!

  4. A late start to the day following the insomnia fairy. Did manage to sleep 8 hours, though!

    Not letting incipient cold/sinus issues keep me from my chosen path today. Write, write and then Zumba! ::g::

    Lisa, glad the info was helpful!

    Farf, may the podpeople still be helpful! ::g::

    Dina, enjoy your work day!

    Me, I'm going to rustle up some brekkie and then go plop on the couch with the laptop.

    Fantastic Fall Friday to all!!!!

  5. Boy, miss a day and all kinds of stuff happens! Loved the acorns yesterday. Although that's kind of sad if the drought is causing them to fall early.

    Just dashing past - made it to St Augustine yesterday, drank too much wine last night with my good friends, and now am working. Transcribing telephone conversations from jail - it's a whole different world.

    Nice to see folks dropping in...hopefully my schedule will get more normal from now on, and I'll be more regular again.

    But til then, craziness continues. TGIF, all!

  6. Howdy Lisa, Farf, Dina, Maria, and Beth. Big news today -- I finally got hitched!

    And I have to say that brand new trailer hitch looks very nice on our Honda Element. ;)

    Happy weekend to everyone.