Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cliches! Week: Sure as the Sun Rises in the East

Taken September 23, 2010.

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  1. Good day, Sunshine.

    Yeah, Maria getting so much done. A chapter a night. You are a brave woman. Though I'm thinking my cape and outfit needs to be green or some interesting combo. Not just your typical red, blue.

    Thanks for writer vibes. Plugging them in and this afternoon will take advantage.

    Drive by waves to all that follow. Off to the mimes.

  2. Wow, morning's gotten away from me!!

    Happy Wednesday, all and a lovely, lovely fall day here with low temps. woohoo!!

    Sadly, my resolution FAILED LIEK WOAH last night. I got home later than intended, managed to putter away an hour, then it was time for Glee. Watched that, then totally passed out. Such a wimp!!

    But today is another day and I'm back on track!!

    Flinging out the good vibes to all.

  3. Got my first booboo at the rink, but I had just put my skates and gear on. Took my daughter with me for exercise and it turned into an exercise of futility. She just knew we needed a skate locker. I explained that those damn things never worked and we just put our stuff in a locker and not use the coin lock. She returned saying the locker stole her money and didn't work. She did this twice. So I go over to see if I can get it to work all the while telling her the lockers never work... and voila... the damn thing closed shut on my finger, locking it in.

    Now... this was at the Oaks Park rink, the final day of the amusement park so there were tons of people and at least 39 birthday party goers flitting around all around the age of 5. I tried REALLY hard not to drop any F bombs while I'm telling Danni to go get help and NOT try to try the lock or yank on the locker door anymore, all the while there's blood getting everywhere. Fingers apparently are reall bleeders. Finger isn't broken but was worried I'd lose the nail. Haven't yet. But it's geeerrrrooooos lookiin.

    And... been away because we've been hit with a nasty homeland vere are your paperz security feel safer crap.

    My son is in a program for autistics and other dev/neuro disabilities. He turned 18 so needed his Oregon ID. He went with Wayne to get it. Kind of a bittersweet issues because it's another reminder that he didn't get a driver's license like everyone else. You with me on this?

    So the DMV won't take his Washington's Whidbey Island Naval Air Station hospital issued birth certificate. Military issued birth certificates are no longer valid!!!!

    She called him a "non-citizen" and that they'll have to notify the IRS, Social Security, Zee Homeland Security, his healthcare provider and ... I forget all of it because by that time Wes was freaked out and wayne was livid.

    We finally are getting the State of Washington to issue Wes a birth certificate. At a large fee of course.

    But makes me wonder about all those other "non-citizens" born on military base hospitals... and what about the ones born at bases overseas? Hmmm is John McCain a non-citizen since he was a Navy brat, too, or does he have a BC from Panama? ROFL

    long, tiring, week.

    Tomorrow is my daughter's 16th. No real plans sadly. She doesn't even need much. But we'll do something nice I'm sure. Just very behind on so much. I can never keep up.

    OMG Steampunk Queen Cherie Priest, author of Boneshaker, is coming to Powells tomorrow!

    Fall has fallen. We've had some bright summer like days lately, which was nice since we were cheated of a summer. But I love the Fall. Favorite time of year. Halloween coming up. Tons of baking. Chamommille tea while rain spatters the windows. Love it.

  4. Still in the Swamp of Work/Babysitting/Writing. Reading here sporadically, drop a comment at TFM or on Twitter if you want to make sure I see something. It may not get better for a while — speaking of sure as sunrise, Oct-Dec is the time of year when I'm expected to be at everyone else's beck & call 24/7 and I'm the selfish one if I disagree… so the writing may be a little slow for a while.

    {{{Janet}}} when it rains, it pours, huh?

    Still nice & cool at the manor, warming up a little.

  5. Hope the mimes treated you kindly, Lisa.

    Whole day got away from me, Maria, so I can definitely sympathize.

    That's unreal about the birth certificate. I hate bureaucracies. Cool on Cherie Priest, though. I loved Boneshaker and am eager to read Clementine and Dreadnought.

    Howdy there, Farf. Miss having you here and hope things settle down for you soon.

  6. Boy, I thought I commented this morning, but it was yesterday morning. Spending way too many hours staring at the laptop. I need a real job, that has real hours!

    Anyway, hope everyone had a good Wednesday. Find time for yourself, Farf. And for writing, Maria. And big hugs, Janet - amazing how rules can change that quickly.

    Me, I'm off to St Augustine tomorrow for a long weekend hanging out with dear friends. Getting some work done. And hopefully more than 4 hours of sleep/night. Can't wait to see the ocean...

    Have a great day tomorrow, if I forget to check in again - argh!