Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cliches! Week: Split the Difference

Taken September 26, 2010.

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  1. Split personality pretty.

    Maria, I feel like the slow motion bionic woman--Not the speeding fast part. Just the slowmo part with the hoakie sound effects as I write this last chapter. But the chapter is progressing.
    So maybe the bionic writer part will kick in and the keyboard will be smoking. That or we could put on Wonderwoman outfits and with the nifty brass boob shields and braclets and become Wonder Writer Woman. Me in a minidress might be frightening though.

    Beth, Sorry you are missing out on Fall. Love this time of the year. Not sweating--WooHoo.

    Great counseling last night. 8 families.

    Bro having cataract surgery too. Andi, Kudos for Mom time and helping her through the process.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. Love the different textures in that shot.

  3. VERY cool picture, andi! I never cease to be amazed at what your eye picks up. Pretty pretty pretty.

    Yep, I'm definitely missing fall. It would be my favorite season if it didn't slide into winter. Here in Pensacola it's gorgeous - no humidity, no bugs, perfect daytime temps, cool nights. I'll be curious to see how it changes as I head south, and east.

    Sending good writing vibes to all writers working on stories today. I'll share mine, since I have no time to write. I'm transcribing a baseball game this morning. Looking forward to getting settled somewhere for the winter, and having a regular schedule again. For a while, anyway.

    Yep, ditto on the kudos, andi.

    Outta here - great Tuesday, all!

  4. FALL.

    Variably cloudy, slight p.m. shower chance. 62-66.

    Woke up chilly this a.m. & had to drag out the cold weather gear from the hall closet so I could find a shirt to wear to work. ::IS GIDDY::

    Andi, you continue to outdo yourself on these photos, woman. So amazing!!

    Lisa, let's do it. Don our superwomen costumes and get writing!! I managed to get 1500 words out last night and finished a chapter. Still feeling behind, but I'm committed to a chapter a night at minimum.

    Beth, enjoying your travel tales, as per usual. Speaks to the wee wanderer in me. 90% of me is total homebody. :)

    Off to the mimes, staff meeting and oh, joy, more administrivia documentation. Today, I'll be working on in-house style guide. We're basing it on AP style via Yahoo style. Spent 2 hours yesterday with my content diva reviewing terminology. I do have to say that this totally pinged the inner word geek and I was enjoying the heck out of it. :)

    Tantalizing Tuesday to all!!

  5. It sounds like the surgery is really going to be something minor, Lisa -- no patches and only 24 hours of slightly modified behavior (like no bending over).

    Beth, have you narrowed down your choices for where you want to go? I'd have loved to transcribed my favorite baseball announcer (Jack Brickhouse).

    Maria, that does sound like fun. I love playing with language. Speaking of that, have you seen this really funny post at Language Log?

  6. Gorgeous shot, Andi. It's fall here as well, Yay! Good luck on getting book stuff done Lisa and Maria. Hoping you can get caught up on the dayish-job work, Beth. Hallooo to all. Caught a cold that bumped my finish date back a couple of days. Was supposed to be celebrating this week, not slogging. Bleah.

  7. I'll decide in the next couple of weeks, andi. Too busy with this "real" job to even think about my future...but it definitely will be someplace warm!