Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cliches! Week: Lost in the Weeds

Taken September 29, 2010.

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  1. Feeling a bit lost myself.
    Kid in the Candy Store lost.
    So many agents, who to sample or query in this case.

    Emotional overflow between Bro and daughter. Two unemployed, strong personalities stuck in one home together--You can do the math.

    Friday was a good day. Kiddos working hard for the most part. Cooperative. Much accomplished.

    Hubby off with scouts, daughter going to UT Arlington to discuss Masters in Quantitative Finance--even writing that hurts my nonmathmatic brain. Bro will likely be watching football. So quiet time to work on query, synopsis for me-WooHoo.

    Farf, glad you are getting a respite from always being the doer.

    Beth, prisoner transcripts?? A far cry from Johnny Carson.

    Maria, a great writing weekend for you, I hope.

    Andi, Hubby loves his hitch. Now what are you gonna be dragging? Does this mean a road trip is in the future--You and Jim pop-up trailering across America.

    Waves to Dina, Kelly, FM, Janet, Nicky, Nancy, BONO, B, KB, MaryB, and all others who visit. A great weekend to all.

  2. Must be the writer in me - I see a picture like this, and always wonder at the story behind it. Who left it there, never to return? Makes the wheels turn.

    Lisa, remember that most agents will turn you down, so it's a good thing that there's lots of them. Nature of the beast. Not rejection, just business. Good luck - I'll be back at it as soon as I get off the road-trip merry-go-round. Good luck!

    Not much work for the weekend, so I can play. Lots going on in St Augustine today. And I got 8+ hours of sleep last night - first time in a long while. Hopefully a fun, relaxing weekend ahead. For all of us!

    Waving to all who follow - happy happy Saturday, all!

  3. Morning, all. ::sneezes:: Woke up with a head cold (thanks to co-workers that shall be FIRED as my friends!! ::g::)

    Lisa - I pounded out 7500 words yesterday. I finally have to admit that my writing style is less slow & steady wins the race but bursts of rabbit speed. At least I finish. hee!

    Beth, glad you can play this weekend!

    After I finish puttering about, I'm going to ensconce myself on the couch again and tackle today's words. See what happens.

    :;waves to all!!::

    Have a great weekend!!!!!!

  4. Andi, congratulations on getting hitched - to your husband too!

    Maria, feel better soon.

    Lisa, sorry things aren't going well in the household. Confirms my own decision to live with only 4 footed companions! I do hope things improve soon.

    Waves to everyone else. Beautiful fall day, head doesn't hurt and ballet tonight. Oh, and Kansas just a bit over a week away! Happy dancing.

  5. I'll take that canoe and make a flower bed out of it.

    Wes now has an Oregon ID - well his temporary one at the moment. He also went in and registered to vote. Surprisingly he registered as a Democrat. And he decided to be an orgon donor. At first he thought the man asked if wanted to be an Oregon Donor. ")

    The two men at the DMV realized quickly that Wes was very determined and took this ID stuff seriously. The man who took his photo and waited patiently as he slowly and deliberately wrote out his signature on the form, gave him a high 5 and then shook his hand and wished him well. I think his day was made by having Wes in his line.

    He wasn't sure about being a Non-Party or Independent so he asked the guy at the Washington Country Democrat Party hdqs. So he asked if Wes supported war or education. Wes answered, "Education". Then asked if he supported feeding people or letting them starve. Wes said, "feeding people". So it was obvious he wasn't a Republican. So Wes asked if the Democrats were "the good guys". The man only smiled but shook his hand and Wes filled out his form on his own.

    It was a good day.

    And we got a yard sign for the governor race. We have a former basketball player wanting to cut minimum wage, take away women's choice, he's never held a job - cept a paper route.. .Chris Dudley. Now he has one job and that's a financial advisor. Helping his rich friends find loopholes. Like he did while playing for Oregon. He lived in Washington state to avoid... you guessed it... TAXES. Why do they hate investing in America so much? LOL

    I've lived in a state with a dumb jock before. Been there done that.

    San Jose Sharks won in Stockholm last night. Hockey season is on. Wooot!

  6. Orgon? Do those work in the mimes??

    Orgon - organ.

    My typing is horrific but it's even worse while on the couch with a new fangled laptop.

  7. Maria wrote:

    "Not letting incipient cold/sinus issues keep me from my chosen path today. Write, write and then Zumba! ::g::"

    Been there. Found out it wasn't a long cold that just got worse and worse each morning and my sinuses actually got so clogged it made my eyes swell and get all cojunctivitus looking.

    Turns out it wasn't a cold or sinus issues... or seasonal allergies.

    Dairy & Soy. Reason for my ear infections, hearing loss and due to the injuries I have vertigo.

    Milk does not do some bodies good. Yougurt and cheese, for me, are torture devices. LOL Something about hitting an older age and certain things we've eaten all our lives strike out at us. However, I eat alot more healthier now, so the stuff that isn't as healthy greatly impacts me though...

    Give it a try. It can take up to three weeks for the milk "clot" to leave the body. Then add milk back and you should know withing a few hours as your sinuses and head hurts and you're breathing thru your mouth. I get all that plus my ears feel "full". Like I'm going up a mountain and my drums having popped.

    Earth balance for Butter
    Coconut, Hemp or Almond Milks for milk. It's doable.

    Who knows. Might be it or not - regardless, you'll drop some easy poundage.

  8. Sorry to have missed you all. I had a bad day -- my brother-in-law, who was one of the most delightful people I know, died tonight from congestive heart failure; he'd been struggling for awhile so it wasn't unexpected but you somehow always want to believe that the doctors can keep performing miracles. We're going to miss him so much.

  9. I'm so sorry about your loss, Andi. I'll keep you and Jim in my thoughts.

  10. Echoing Janet's sentiments, andi - I'm so sorry.

  11. Thanks Janet and Beth.

    Night everybody.

  12. Andi, what bad news. So sorry for your loss. M.