Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cliches! Week: From Little Acorns Mighty Oaks Grow

Click images to see larger versions


  1. Particular love the bottom left. The striations on that one acorn add such interest. Andi, I keep thinking you can't top yourself and then WOW.

    The blog has slowed some lately with people scattered and busy. But the nice thing is, this is a place to come rest a bit. Get the frustrations off our chests and whoop and holler about the good things. Thanks, A & J for creating this wonderful corner of the world.

    Not such a good day at school yesterday--Asst. P. undercuts authority in front of student and class. Enough said.

    I finished the last chapter-WooHoo. Am having it checked for punctuation and such. But I'll be switching to query mode. I'm reading an interesting ebook on social media and platform building. I'm needing to create a website. Have drug my feet on this. I guess I have to figure out who I really want to be when I grow up.

    Safe trip to Beth, More hours in the day for Farf and others that need them. WonderWriterWoman can slow the rotation of the earth don't ya know.

    Maria, glad you got some Glee in your life. Gotta let loose some or that writing fairy will pack up her wand and go on vacation.

    Thursday Winking at Friday to All.

  2. I've seen many acorns scattered about the city, but this acorn is different. It has character. Perhaps it's the blush of red, I'm not sure.

  3. Tantalizing Thursday pics...that top acorn looks like a juicy mango, nearly ripe for the picking!!

    Polished off a chapter last night. So yay! Will be working my tuchis off this weekend to get ahead.

    GORGEOUS GORGEOUS fall weather today!!

    Lisa, congrats on the last chapter. w00t!!!!

    Hoping today will be less crazed than yesterday - everyone wanted a piece of me @ the mimes. Not in a bad way, but just busy.

    ::waves to all::

  4. Hi, everyone. Been under the weather with a succession of headaches but hopefully they are gone.

    Hope everyone is having a good Thursday. We have sun!!!

  5. Heh, nice nuts Andi ;)

    Still awaiting the coveted birth certificate. The policy was enacted in 2007. The last eff you from you know who. My co-workers asked a great question, "So were they going to deport him to Washington State?" LOL

    Danni is now 16. I cried last night in bed over it. Finally dawned on my why I have been slow to do much on this day's planning... It's one of the milestones in my life and I can't talk to my mom about it. Once that realization hit, the tears came as did some well needed sleep.

    It's going to be a long, crazy weekend. Hockey season starts! And Halloween fever has already sunk in. Although my lap does feel completely empty since I continue to look down at it and there's no wonderful black Kitty crawling into for the evening.

    Today is my Friday, off to the mimes to create havoc and chaos with the other mimemarians.

    Dimples and Winks to all.

  6. Good luck with the querying part, Lisa. I know from what's been said that doing that is hard on people. Does the book suggest that Facebook is the way to go, rather than a website? I guess that's what I would have thought.

    What's been different here, Teach, is seeing acorns that aren't just completely brown. I think the drought is causing them to come off the trees early.

    I wonder if you're going to lose your fall weather next week, Maria, because the forecast says we're going up into the 80s by the weekend.

    Howdy dina but no welcome here for headaches. They can just go away.

    Lots of nuts in this house, Janet. Happy, happy sweetest 16 to Danni. And many happy memories to you.

  7. Yo, amigos. Just wanted to let you know that I am computerless. Thanks be for libraries. Miss you all and hope all is well. Crazy times here. Mucho family illness.
    Will try to stop in more once things settle down.


    (I forget how to sign in?)

  8. Bono!! Good to see you here.

    Andi/Lisa - re: author website vs. FB - it's not an either/or it's both.

    IMHO, the best strategy is integrated social networking: a website, blog, FB, twitter account. Is it a lot of work. OMG, yes. Does it pay off? YES. Absolutely.

    I can't say it directly causes more sales, I don't have that data, but I do know that as my presence grows, I get more fan mail, more "friends" on FB, more interaction with potential readers. I also am getting a LOT more reviews.

    My rule of thumb on these items:
    Hire someone who knows what they are doing to design a website for WordPress or one of the other easy-to-update platforms. This branding needs to carry over to the social networks to form a cohesive personal brand. It's worth the $$.

    I hired our in-house creative director to design my logo and then another designer to design my site (not a colleague). Everything is tied together.

    I could write/chat about this all day, but I won't. ::g::

    Lisa, just so you know - I had a personal website up more than 10 years ago. It's evolved a lot, but my name was out there. :)

    ::doffs marketing hat::

  9. Hey all! Still in the swamp, but work suddenly let go for a few minutes. I had time to knock together a blog post for this evening about some shocking events last night. It'll be up before 6.

    Lisa, I'd love a few more hours, but at least I got a decent night's sleep last night so I should be good for a little bit. Gotta hate that when you get undercut by someone who should know better, hope things work out.

    Nice acorn shots. I found a zillion of them under the wood pile when I was cleaning up a few weeks ago, and threw a few pieces of wood at (and missed) the rat who had piled them there.

    Beautiful day outside, makes me wish I was laid off so I could go enjoy it. Actually, I'd be a chicken house slave so I guess I should be happy to be gainfully employed. Later!

  10. What impressively beautiful Acorns! So colorful - the ones around here are just plain old acorns, a bit greenish - but the overcup oak a couple of blocks away has pretty impressive acorns.

    Another gorgeous day, another day spent indoors in rooms without much window.

    And tomorrow, I think, we are "rehoming" the orphan Esme. I will be sad, so I hope it is not raining!

  11. bono! So happy to hear from you but sorry about the family heath woes and being computerless. Here's hoping that things get much better very, very soon.

    That was a lot of great advice, Maria.

    You had me worried with the shocking news but that was the right kind of shocking news (I think I might have shocked my mom like that once or twice).

    Will the GofF be doing a happy dance, KS?

  12. The photos make those acorns look HUGE. I feel like a Borrower.

    Just watched this week's episode of Glee and am still sniffling. In a good way though.