Monday, October 4, 2010

Cliches! Week: Follow the Leader

Taken September 14, 2010.

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  1. Love this pic of the pups!! Need fun for Monday.

    Hubby and sonboy enjoyed a weekend together. Daughter got to have fun with friends up for the football game. I think I figured out what the last chapter needs to be so I can finish it.

    Am now in long jammies-WooHoo. Cooler temps have made me shelve the summer ones. Still sleep with a fan on, but making progress on Fall.

    Farf, make yourself a deadline. I had to early in the summer and again recently. I'm going to be querying before the end of this month--Period. No excuses. Only way I could get off the gerbil wheel.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Bonjour, y'all! Monday, Monday, Monday, ah well, had to come, right?

    this past weekend
    On the writing front: Meh.
    On the relaxation front: Meh. Too stressed about the book that is not writing itself.

    Today is another day and as Lisa said, no more excuses. Progress MUST be made.

    Weather is cool & rainy. Fall is definitely here to stay.

    Wishing everyone a brilliant start to their week!

  3. Having trouble posting again. Hopefully this goes through.

  4. I could follow those pups today, to the lake, to just sit and watch the water...

    Fall in FL is summer everywhere else. I'm inside working, but it looks nice outside.

    Sorry about the meh weekend, Maria. Sending get 'er done vibes your way. And yay to Lisa for knowing, and for finding the nerve to start querying again. I've got to get there myself...once I settle somewhere.

    Had a great weekend, and now a few down days with my pseudo-twin in Pensacola. Lots of work to do, so I'm outta here. Waving to all, and hoping for a wonderful week.

  5. Hi all. Very tired -- just got back from Indianapolis where I spent more than 4 hours with my mom getting at the doctor's who is going to do her cataract surgery. This, according to what they said, is about 3 hours and 40 minutes longer than the actual surgery will take.

  6. Same thing happened with my mom. Prep visit took longer than the cataract surgery.

    She now sees better than any of us and doesn't need glasses for distance. And tells us this in a gloating tone of voice all the time.

  7. As much wheedling as it took to get my mom to do this, I'll be thrilled if she is happily gloating once it's done.