Friday, September 17, 2010

When Life Gives You Drought ...

... make pictures of dried weeds.

Taken the first week in September, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Crispy weeds are still pretty pics.


    Daughter got to spend the evening at a young Texas Exs get together. Great for her to spend some time with friends and people her age. It must be a thrill stuck here at home with three old farts this past month. No job prospects yet, but plenty of networking.

    It's been almost boring at work with so few kiddos. Know that won't last forever so enjoying it. It was amazing how the four boys in the 8th grade could be so disruptive yesterday. But spread 'em out enough and things get quiet and productive for the ones that don't whine and fall asleep.

    Maria, we will join virtual hands and capture that elusive writing fairy in our circle to be worked hard by all who dwell at the keyboard this weekend. And light candles and ring bells and anything else that works.

    Farf, the go go go guy. Great that the bathroom is coming together. Good you are computer savy. DD is lucky.

    Beth, Have a great flight and cooler weather.
    Black Pasta and calamari???

    Waves to MaryB and Nicky and O and Nancy and Dina and Kelly and all that follow.

  2. Nice way to spin gold out of straw, andi!

    Thanks for the reminder about cooler temps, Lisa - I better throw a sweater or two in my bag. Otherwise packed and ready to go.

    Envying Maria's time to write this weekend - maybe I'll get a song finished on the plane.

    I've sent my friend the info re the restaurant, andi - we'll see if he finds it, or conveniently can't. :-)

    Have a great weekend, y'all - I'll check in as I can.

  3. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Blogger, you cruel, cruel thing. You ATE my beautifully crafted post. ::cries::

    ANYhow - short version:
    * Insomnia fairy whacked me a good one BUT shook muse loose.
    * Got scene written earlier in the night during writing sprint.
    * Got chapter written in wee hours.
    * Cat wakes up WAY too early and pokes me wanting food.
    * Need nap
    * TGIF!!
    * O Hai.
    * Ktxbai.

    THUD. ::head meets desk::

  4. Dried weeds are the best. Easier to pull up if needed. ;-)

    Lisa, troublemakers are kind of like nuclear fuel… easier to handle when separated. Good luck to the daughter-unit finding a job — if The Boy can do it, she can!

    Good flight, Beth. Watch those see-through machines at the airport.

    Maria, good job making lemonade out of that big fat insomnia melon. Here's hoping Kit will let you nap for a while, now that he's fed.

    I'm doing a mini-Beth tomorrow… driving up to Michigan tomorrow for my dad's 80th b-day. Dad's not much of an Internet addict, so I'll be out of pocket for a while.

  5. Lisa, I hope something turns up soon for your daughter (and gives you one less thing to worry about).

    If you don't find it, Beth, I'm sure it won't be a problem -- Boston is full of great places to eat.

    The short version made me so sleepy, Maria, that I had to go take a nap. ;)

    Safe trip, Farf.

    There's nothing in this universe that could make me contemplate dating again so I'll let other people comment on that list. :)

  6. Drive by hi to all, with a bit of a hit on Ms. Maria to put her to sleep.