Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Turn and Turn Again

Taken August 31, 2010.

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Beth, I can't wait to see the pictures! Maybe next time you'll get to Canyonlands/Needles and then go down the road a piece to Bluff and have one of those great Navajo Tacos. :)

    ... back to today.

    Rosh Hashanah start at sunset. If you'd like to celebrate the arrival of 5771, join me in eating apples dipped them into honey. This is the way to wish everyone a full, sweet year.

    So shana tova to you all. And for all the writers: in the upcoming year, may your words flow from your mind like a mountains stream -- beautiful, perfectly clear, and so, so fast.

  2. Twisty is my brain this morning. Dang that Insomnia Fairy.

    I'm major jealous of your adventure Beth. Will look forward to pics.

    Farf, speaking of pics--Mason + Cake=cutest chocolate nose ever. Like the one of he and his mom looking at each other.

    RAIN, Glorious Rain. Slow but often with the tropical storm. Only about an inch by coming home time yesterday, so don't think we'll get flooding. Probably two or three inches by now.
    I'll blow your way as hard as I can, Andi.

    Hubby got home late last night. Road weary from crazies that don't slow on wet highways.

    Hump day already. WooHoo.
    Wonderful Weds. To All.

  3. Blessings back at ya for a wonderful year to our great blog mistress, her picturesque pups, and the ever poetic Jim.

  4. Thanks, Lisa. I hope yours starts with a lovely night of peaceful sleep.

  5. Eating honey and apples in my mind, andi. Returning the good wishes to you.

    I need to download a bunch of other pix to my Kodak Gallery account - for now, there are a few at my place. I tried to go to Bluff, but it was in the other direction, boo hoo. Next time, more parks!

    Raining in Pagosa Springs - looks like it did all night. Woo hoo! Will make for wet driving, but that's fine with me. Fort Collins tonight - wishing you were all riding with me.

    Better get going - happy day to all!

  6. A question mark throwing black lightning bolts! A pictorial metaphor of certain kinds of stories, I'd say. Shana tova to all, and let us know what things are like 3700 years in the future. ;-)

    Thanks all, for the nice comments about Mason's b-day pics. Lisa, Snippet smeared that bit of chocolate on his nose. He probably would have done it himself. Glad to hear your hubby's home safe. Yeah, they don't slow down on Planet Georgia either.

    Safe driving, Beth!

    Since I left my club card in the car, I guess I'll take that motorcycle trip today. Not sure to where just yet though. Probably up US129 until I change my mind.

  7. Holy cow, Lisa - I'm watching the Weather Channel, and it looks AWFUL in your area!!! Looks like you wished for rain a little too sincerely. Be very careful - what a tragedy. We're even feeling the edges of the storm here in CO - pouring. But nothing like what you're experiencing - please be safe.

  8. Hola, gang!!

    Andi - that tree is my twisty, twisty brain plotting away... ::g::

    Beth - LOVELY photos!!

    Lisa - I wish you happy Hermine. ;)

    @ the mimes today, trying to get motivated to do mime work. (Yes, I know it's nearly 11 a.m.) Still no boss baby.

    Happy Weds. all!

  9. Loved the pictures, Beth. It could only be better if I were there myself. :)

    Yep Farf, it's one heck of a metaphor-laden tree. As added touch it's right at the top of a trail the camp calls Heart Attack Hill.

    Maria, I've read your books -- that tree isn't nearly twisty enough. :D

  10. Heavy rain we got. 3 and a half inches today. Tornados passed us by and hit in other parts of Dallas.
    We could use some drying out now.
    No flooding in our area. Low lying areas in Dallas and back down towards Austin had it worse.
    Hoping other areas needing the rain can share.

    A good evening to all.

  11. Happy Rosh Hashanah to all who celebrate.

  12. Lisa, I'm sorry for all the problems that rain caused but boy would I love to get some of it here. I'm very happy you're okay.

    Hi Mary. Night Mary.