Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tangerine Dream

Taken September 8, 2010.

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  1. Love the colors in the sky, Andi.

    Wonderful, Marvelous to visit with Beth face to face. Atticus and Kip volunteered to be the welcoming committee when we went by the house. They appreciate all adoring fans. It was nice to take a break from work and almost feel like normal folk out in the real world during work hours. So nice to spend some time with our favorite world traveler!!!

    Today is daughter's 29th Bday. Makes me feel a bit old. Think a trip to the ice cream or frozen yogurt shop may be in order.

    Maria, Cyberhugs. It is sobering when one of our friends, so young, dies. Living for today--a must.

    Waves as off to get ready for the mimes.
    Thursday winking at Friday to All.

  2. Moving east - and moving up the "early commenter" list again. Although I'll never beat Lisa (hey, that sounds familiar, doesn't it andi?)

    Loved meeting the pups and Lisa's daughter - although I'm not sure normal folk are out in the real world during regular hours - just us weirdos! And ice cream is definitely in order.

    I read about his loss, Maria - wow. 38 is way too young. More hugs.

    Having a great time in Corpus - and still have the morning here! Then drive to Houston and get ready to fly to NH tomorrow. Looking forward to a long weekend in Boston, but also slowly starting to tire of being on the go. Guess I'm not as resilient as I used to be...

    Have a great day, all.

  3. Morning, gang - and thanks for all the virtual hugs. Been a bit tough these past couple of days.

    So glad it's my Fake!Friday AND my cleaning lady is at my place right now, so I'll come home to clean laundry and clean apt. W00t!

    Dentist tomorrow a.m., though. I'm SURE I'm going to get THE lecture. I've put off going for 8 months. I usually go every 6 months, but it's just been that kind of year.

    Got to buckle down starting NOW, or this book will never get done and the Baby Jesus will cry. ;)

    Beth, safe travels up north!!
    Lisa, almost the weekend for you, whee!

    ::waves to everyone::

  4. Yo!

    Sounds like a good visit was had by all, two- and four-legged. Beth, are you flying out of Houston?

    Sending productivity and clean-teeth vibes to Maria. A little plaster work remains to be done on the shower room ceiling, then it can be painted, yay!

    Much back&forth on my plate for today. I'm getting tagged as a motorcycle courier shortly (i.e. delivering in-laws' electric bill payment). Then it's off to downgrade my cellphone — they were one short yesterday, but they get their deliveries by 1pm so I'll be calling in. Then Daughter Dearest wants me to come fix her computer. Somewhere in there, we're going to see if The Boy gets to stay out of jail again. More about that later.

    See y'all!

  5. Happy B'day to the daughter, Lisa. Nice follow-up to getting to spend time with Beth.

    Beth, say hello for me to those NH rocks that tried to break my ankles. Or better yet, say hello for me to some black pasta and calamari at the Daily Catch while you're in Boston.

    I don't about the Baby Jesus, Maria, but your publisher, editor, and us readers will certainly cry a bunch.

    I was going to say, Fraf, that it's nice to be so in demand but I think I'm really in serious Family Man mode and so it really doesn't sound nice at all. :)

  6. Where the heck IS Family Man anyway?

    Beth and Lisa, sounds like a fun time you had. Sending all good vibes to Maria.

    Love the tangerine sky.

  7. I think he's still having computer problems but unless I have another lurker from Alabama, he has been here every so often over the last month.

  8. Yep, flying out of Houston, Farf. I had to pick an airport when I made the reservations a while back, and wasn't sure where I'd be, so threw a virtual dart...

    I'll look for the Daily Catch, andi - haven't heard of it, but that sounds yummy! And will give the rocks your best regards - and a shake of my fist.

    Good luck at the dentist, Maria - and I love the Baby Jesus comment!

    Off to pack - see y'all from Boston!

  9. It's been around a long time, Beth. The original restaurant is a tiny thing in the North End (on Hanover) but there's a bigger place on Northern Ave.