Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Taking Off

Taken September 9, 2010.

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  1. I'm jealous of all that mention of fall and cold.

    Sweeping Clouds and sky--nice to start the day.

    Nicky--from last thread, have fun in Wales. I always enjoy you dropping in.

    No takers for counseling last night, so got to get home a bit early. Watched The Event--WAY too complicated for me switching from three hours ago, to three months ago, to 23 minutes ago, and back and forth. If I need Excel to keep track, it ain't gonna work for me.
    Daughter highlighted shows to record, watch, watch online so we could keep track of new shows and returning friends.

    Roller Derby and Vertigo may make for interesting bed fellows, Janet. You have endured much this past year. Glad kiddos doing well.

    Maria, glad sleep found you. And writing too. You're beginning to understand that Disney movie--That Darned Cat. Insistent buggers.

    Beth, so glad you had a good evening with WRW friends.

    Tuesday and five new kiddos. Woohoo.

    Terrific day to All.

  2. Hi, all. Janet, what an awful year for you. I hope that this year brings you peace and contentment.

    Lisa, having a beautiful fall day here.

    Off to water yoga!

  3. Hola, all!

    Janet, my heart goes out to you. Such a tough year. :(

    Been busy this a.m. - ran to Harris Teeter first thing for some veg/fruit, then staff meeting.

    More fun documentation today, whee...

    One day closer to weekend!!! (Can you all believe it's nearly October!!!!?)

  4. Drive by hi!

    Waves to all. Wonderful photo!

    Good day to al! Gotta get back to court!

  5. Don't have to be jealous of me, Lisa. We're having a record high today (93). :(

    Hope it's good times at yoga, Dina.

    Given the temps, Maria, I'm not feeling the October-love here.

    Go get 'em, b2! (cue Law and Order "ding").

  6. Hey all, thanks for the thoughts and welcomes. Sorry it was such a long post but I'm known for my long-windedness :)

    Past year... at least I went through it in a place I love and can call home. I'd been uprooted for far too long in my life.

    Roller Derby. I can't believe I was able to totally put roller skating (street/quad) on the back burner for so long and forget about one of my favorite things to do. I guess that's what happens to some of us when we "grow up". The wreck (rec) league isn't a brutal event it's really just scrimmaging and more for excercise and release. Mostly for now I'm just skating on my street - but without my boombox sitting on the curb waiting for the MPs to swoop in and tell us to get out of the road :)

    Vertigo. Won't let it control my life. Rollerskating shouldn't interfere with my health in fact docs think it will be better. I'm a clutz as most of you remember, I trip in my own bedroom. But on skates, I get super powers of grace, speed and demon stuntgal. I'll send pictures. Mr. Janet is going to do a photo chronicle of it - don't know why.

    Altough things were horrific, I'm sure you are aware that we did take care of each other and found times to get away or renew.

    Happy Belated BellyButton Day Nancy!

    OMG! I gotsa tell ya! I was up in the Rainier Park area after the funeral (getaway moment) and we all saw - wait for it- a

    Hoary Marmot!

    We didn't know what it was at first. Looked like some pissed off beaver-porcupine offspring. Got up to the lodge and found out what it was. Hoary Marmotini! :) I guess he's related to the skanky skunk.

    Off to the mimes.


  7. Any of you gals were skaters in the 70s and 80s??

    If you want a flash from the past --- but that is set in today's time, (RD is making a comeback) gotta watch Drew Barrymore's "Whip It" or the documentary from our very own Rose City Rollers - Brutal Beauty.

    I saw Whip It after I had made up my mind to skate for myself and get excercise and get back to "me". The movie is a totally comedy but I sat and watched it CRYING. Brought back so many memories.

    I have to get a brain bucket instead of a bike helmet -something I never wore back then. None of us wore pads of any kind. None of us wore seatbelts for cripesake either.

    It's nice to have something that is my "love". That's fun. Most of my social activities are... well... political and rather scary aka dangerous. Jail time. Peppper spray. Losing your new digi cameras. Arrests for "jaywalking". Ack. People are bringing freaking GUNS to city hall meetings for frucks sake!

    Remember last admin, we were getting arrested for wearing Code Pink tshirts or Veterans for Peace shirts? Now it's all okey dokey happy happy joy joy to brandish a shot gun at a rally for health care for children. WTF? You wand your country back? The dark ages or just the 50s? LOL Hey, I'd like my country, my planet to move forward. Progession is a good thng. ... Anyways before my hair sets onfire. I need a release.

    The rec league is a ways off. I'll skate with them for practice as I need more time to "heal" in many ways.

    Waves and Slingshots around the blog to all the writers and world travelers :)

    Must go. Coffee is cold and I'm hot to get going.

  8. Ooh, yes, LOVED "Whip It" - totally an awesome movie!!

    ::sneaks back out to work::

  9. *Drops lurk*

    Hey Janet, great to see you here! Sorry about a rough year. Been there in '05-'07. It's suckariffic. Only hope I can offer is that things change. This has been a fantastic year for Dr.Mc and I and I hope you have a turnaround into a wonderful 2011.

    *Looks at the amount of book left to do in next ten days. relurks.*

  10. Froze ALL of my parts off in Bangor last night. Today it's prolly 70 and sunny, but I'm wishing I'd brought warmer jammies!

    Hey b2, nice to see you! Ditto Kelly. We love you even when you guys (and the other lurkers) don't pop in.

    Long walk in the woods today - dinner with the girls tonight. Up at Dawn's crack tomorrow to return to NH - maybe a boat day. Work waiting in the queue, so I'm in a coffee shop, trying to catch up.

    BellyButton Day - love it, Janet!

    Hugs all around - summer ends WHEN!??!

  11. My thanks and great appreciation in advance to Mr. Janet for his documentation. And Marmotdude says that totally wasn't him -- he's not into that outdoorsy stuff. ;)

    Scribble, scribble, Kelly!

    Summer ain't ending here, Beth. The high for the first day of Fall forecast to be 93. Come visit and you won't need any kind of jammies. ;)

  12. The gang's all(most)here!

    Marmodude! That makes me happy.

    I have always been scared of riding bikes and skating. I have soloed in an airplane. Skied. Spoken to hundreds of people from a stage. But I am sooo scared of falling down on sidewalk or hard ground and going boo-boo. Wuss am I. So to say I am awed? Undereffingstatement.
    I raise my marmotini to you!