Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post


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The Macaroni Neclace
by Todd-Michael St. Pierre
From the book A Woolly Mammoth on Amelia Street: Read Aloud Poems4Kids

Lynzie Anne Mc Kenzie was a very creative girl,
She made a macaroni necklace for her teacher Mrs. Pearl.
'It's the dumbest gift I've seen!' Laughed little Tony Maloney, 'Nobody wants a necklace made from macaroni! '
'Stupider than Jupiter' said Tony with a smirk.
But Lynzie just ignored him cause she knew he was a jerk.
Oh Mrs. Pearl just loved it and she wore it every day,
Then she bought a matching bracelet and earrings in late May.
Soon people came from miles around to buy what Lynzie made,
'A fashion craze invented by a girl in the first grade! '
She sold three to Oprah and after the show was done,
She sold one to Madonna to wear on VH1.
She sold a broach to The Queen and a pendant to Vanna White,
Who wore it as she waved and smiled on TV every night.
From Timbuktu to Waterloo from what I understand...
Folks bought oodles of her noodles, her work was in DEMAND!
Featured on the shopping channel they sold out the first day.
Lynzie Mc Kenzie started a frenzy; what else can I say?
'Stupider than Jupiter, ' Tony's words were dumb and reckless,
But Lynzie had the last laugh with her macaroni necklace!


  1. Very cute, Jim! If I made one in school, I don't remember. But then again, I don't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday. :-)

    Since Lisa's in Cherokee, I'm braving the VGW. My sister's surprise 50th BD party was great last night - she had no clue. Seeing her college friends was SUCH a treat - they hadn't been together for years. All in all a smashing success.

    One more day in the north before I return to the heat and humidity - or what's left of it. Flying to Houston to retrieve my car tomorrow. No clue when I'll be north again. It's been a good summer.

    But today it's football! Hope your weather is cooling off, rain is approaching, and leaves don't need to be raked yet.

    Peaceful Sunday, y'all.

  2. My sixth graders go over to a second grade classroom on Friday mornings and do an activity with them. Often they just read together. Last Friday, they helped the second graders figure out the punctuation used in quotes. My kids have so much trouble with commas, both over use and under use, that I may have them them put together a book "for the second graders" of pasta-unctuation focused on the comma.

    Thanks for the weather wishes. It's cooled off but still tinder dry. We're getting a little sprinkle right now and have some chances for rain later this week. I hope we get it. All the plants look dessicated. The farmers are not even having to dry their corn and beans. It is actually dryer in the fields than the moisture level they take it down to in their dryers.

  3. What a cute poem. Jim, would a pasta-unctuation book be one where they pasted pasta where punctuation would go? That would be so funny! If you do it, please give us a photo?

    Curved pasta for commas.
    Those wheeled pastas for periods.
    Combo of those for semi-colons.
    Spirals for apostrophes?
    Curved ones again for quotes.
    What could they use for a question mark?

    I STILL have a hard time getting commas right.

    Howdy all.

  4. Good morning to everyone!

    Things here have been going about the same. Both George and I have been doing fair to middling. Although, I think we're both feeling older than our age.

    The old computer the niece pulled out still runs from time to time. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes to start up and then after being started, a lot of times it freezes up before I can even get to a web site. I'm typing knowing fully well that it will more than likely freeze up before I get through with this. Very frustrating!

    I still can't get into my my google mailbox which means that I can't get it to accept my user name and password. Which in turn means that I have to sign up here as anonymous. Even more frustrating!!

    I hope everyone has been doing very well. Since Fall and Winter have always been my favorite times of the year, I'm glad to see it finally hitting down here. We even got some rain to go with the drop in temps, so overall I'm glad to welcome the Fall.

    I'm going to go ahead and try to post this and hopefully it takes. As I said, I hope everyone is fine and that you have a good week in front of you.

    Take care,


  5. FAM! It's so good to hear from you!! I'm sorry about your computer problems. You're always on our minds, even when we don't hear from you. I hope you enjoy the best part of the year down there!

    That's scary about the drought, Jim. Here in NH they're calling for rain every day for the next week. And aren't there floods in MN/WI? Strange weather indeed. Wish I could send some of it to you!

    I volunteered in a third grade class when I was in junior high school in Japan. All I remember is how much fun it was. I hope your students enjoy it as much as I did!

  6. FM!!!!!!! I'm so glad you dropped by; it's always good to hear from you. I hope you get your computer and google problems sovled soon so you can spend more time with us.

  7. Hooray, FM's back, kind of!

    Getting plenty of rain here as of last night, supposed to continue into tomorrow. Possibly 3 inches or better, but the ground and creeks should sop it all up according to the weather d00dz. Michigan was a little strange — the corn looked dried up & dead, but there was water standing in fields nearby.

    Mason had a looooooong nap this afternoon, which let me get a little writing done. Not sure if it will make it into the story itself, but it does kind of clarify things for me.

    Pasta-unctuation… why not a piece of spaghetti for a question mark? I think the macaroni elbows could be used for apostrophes as well as quotes & commas. If Woodstock (from Peanuts) were speaking, you could use risotto. Rotini for the "cussing" symbols. And three meatballs for ellipses!

  8. Family Man!!!

    Far, I was thinking raw pasta, but cooked spaghetti for the ? is brilliant. I couldn't think of "elbow" pasta. That's the one I meant for commas, etc.

  9. Nancy & Farf, you're doing the work for me. Cooked linguini so that it is just flexible enough to take on a question mark shape and then cooled and dried was what I was thinking for the question mark. I was also thinking about dying them with food coloring to make the commas, apostrophes, and quotation marks easier to distinguish.

    FM, glad the 'puter decided to work enough today for you to stop by.

  10. Oh, dying them, that's a great idea. If it turns out to be too much work, though, I'll bet undyed will be fine. That would make them the Undead, and teenagers love the Undead.

  11. Or dyeing? Which kills the joke, though.

  12. dyeing

    So much depends on an "e."