Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

A Squadron of Swallowtails

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A Commune of Collective Nouns
A gaggle of geese
A school of fish
A flock of sheep
A nest of hornets
A murder of crows
A crash of rhinoceroses
An unkindliness of ravens
An exaltation of larks
An implausibility of gnus
A memory of elephants

Insects and Arachnids
(alternatives in brackets)
A colony of ants (army, bike, swarm)
A swarm of bees (bike, cast, cluster, drift, erst, game, grist, hive, rabble, stand)
A bike of (wild) bees
A flight of butterflies (kaleidoscope, rabble, swarm)
An army of caterpillars
An intrusion of cockroaches
A swarm of flies (business, cloud, grist, hatch)
A cloud of gnats (horde, rabble, swarm)
A cloud of grasshoppers (cluster, swarm) A bike of hornets (nest, swarm)
A flight of insects (horde, plague, rabble, swarm)
A flock of lice (colony, infestation)
A plague of locusts (cloud, swarm)
A scourge of mosquitoes (swarm)
A clutter of spiders (cluster)
A colony of termites (swarm)
A colony of wasps (bike, nest)


  1. It's a glorious, 50 degree morning. A good day for collectives - I'd love to hear or see an exhaltation of larks.
    Our collective is a charm of gold finches, feasting on the echinacea seeds left behind (we are too lazy to deadhead the plants, which should still be blooming but aren't). Seeing the tiny yellow birds, I don't miss the pink flowers too much. Another morning visitor today is a tiny baby possum - really too young to be alone, possibly orphaned by the rottweiler that runs loose in our neighborhood.

    I hope all are enjoying a lazy holiday weekend.

  2. What a pretty picture to start the day, Kidspeak! I hope the baby isn't orphaned...

    And what a resource for a writer, Jim. I had no idea there were so many ways to describe a bunch o' anything. I'll definitely use some of those in future work! Who thinks of these terms??

    Getting ready to hit the road. Short day today to Salmon, ID. No rain in sight so far, but it's in the forecast.

    I'll check in from the road as I can. Enjoy your non-driving Sunday, all!

  3. Sensational Swallowtails.
    The Poem--a mixed bag of beauty and creepy crawly.

    I posted yesterday to have it eaten and then got too busy to revisit.

    Daughter and I had a fun day out. Half Price books was having a sale and we had a great lunch at a Salvadoran restaurant. Then I bought a new office chair to rebuild a second writing area back in an extension of my bedroom. Too much activity and emotion with Bro and all the critters and tv to be able to think and create after work in my writing area. Grumble, grumble.

    So after a day off, will work on editing today.

    Nancy--high five on the words.

    Beth, safe travels.

    Farf, enjoy days off and take some time for self between projects.

    Maria, Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

    Kidspeak--cool mornings--wonderful.

    Dina, let us know what you're cooking after the trip to the farmer's market.

    Waves to all that follow as off to edit.
    Relaxing Sunday with a Relaxing Monday to follow.

  4. A skulk of foxes was always my favorite collective noun. We were in the 50s here this morning too, Kidspeak. It made for a nice walk. Now if we could just some rain to soften the ground and perk up the plants.

    Beth enjoy your drive to Salmon. Wave upstream toward Stanley for us. Collective nouns have been part of the English language for a long time. The first mention of a collection of them I found on the internet was from 1486. Wikipedia has a good article with lots of lists of them.

    Lisa, glad you like the "poem," but I just copied some collective nouns from lists that I found at a couple of sites. This one was just a series of lists. The other site looks like it may be a useful one for our classrooms.

  5. Will wave to Stanley for you guys, Jim. Thought about driving that way tomorrow, but it adds a bunch of hours and miles to the day. Considered living there when I first moved to Idaho - great little town. A little too chilly in the winter, tho!

  6. A "bike" of bees, ants, or wasps? That is just weird! But the visual is pretty amusing--provided you're not in the path of the bike.