Friday, September 24, 2010

Spreading Dark

Taken September 13, 2010.

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  1. Hubby and I noticed the lowness of the sun in the sky when we sat on the porch after dinner yesterday. Dark will be coming earlier since the equinox has passed.

    Leaving to go to Cherokee this afternoon. Twirling with excitement. Silence from the herd and family that live in such snug proximity now. Atticus the Corgi and I are off. Got my Audio books ready and won't take long to pack.

    Story writing and editing--WooHoo. I get to do it in silence. Uninterupted.

    If only Andi and I could find temps below 90s. Someone whispered 80s for next week, but I'm not believing yet.

    Hugs to Maria and Roman Candles and clinking glasses.

    Good teaser Beth. Enjoy your time with family and friends.

    Waves to all as off to Pack and then the mimes.
    Fabulous Friday to All.

  2. Have a wonderful peaceful weekend, Lisa! My turn to be envious.

    Very cool shot, andi. I love the things your eye catches in the forest.

    Full day of work ahead. Transcribing a movie instead of TV for a change. If you're looking for me, I'll be on the couch.

    Perfect temps here. They keep predicting fall's arrival, but so far summer's hanging on. I'll be back in the heat next week, so will enjoy it while it lasts.

    Hoping everyone has a great Friday!

  3. Have a great and productive (and quiet) time this weekend, Lisa, but bring back pictures. And have hope -- we're dropping 20 degrees by Saturday to a high in the 70s!

    Doing a movie sounds like it would be really interesting, Beth, but also a huge amount of work. Hope you have plenty of time this weekend to enjoy the New England fall.

  4. Morning, all.

    Lisa, thanks for the hugs/roman candles. I could definitely use the hugs this a.m.

    Onyx, my friend Liz's dog, passed away last night. She was one special sweetheart. She was the inspiration for the character of Liz/Onyx in BLOOD KIN. I feel as if I've lost a friend. :(

    Taking Kit to the vet this a.m. - his tummy problems seem to be back.

    Of the good - I'm still so shocked (in a good way) about my Top Pick in RT. Who'd'a thunk?

    Beth, doing a movie sounds interesting, but yes, as Andi said, a lot of work.

    Fall fell back a little as the last gasp of summer holds on with claws and teeth. Today's high back up in the mid-90s. :( According to Nat'l Weather Service, DC area has had the worst summer in the nation. Gee, thanks.

    Going to be a writing day today as I feel behind again. Story is bubbling in my brain, thank goodness!

    Happy Friday, all!

  5. Not sure where our summer went. We had about two week's worth and then it was super hot. Followed by super cold for the season. Rained yesterday, hard. So it's all moist and the air is tacky feeling.

    Still don't have the almighty electric car. Didn't register for the Nissan Leaf here in Portland. Heard rumors that they'll be bringing back the Toyota E-Rav. Id' rather have a small cargo E car than a Leaf. But the house is already for the charger and our electricity is now wind driven. (High 5s Mother Nature)

    Off to restart physical therapy. Still need to find a new accupuncturist who deals with ear injuries... and who doesn't have bankers hours.

    Had a daydream or premonition(?) yesterday at work that me and Ms. Nancy P were at my favorite Thai diner and I had bought her a green coconut to drink and she wasn't having the best luck at drinking and scooping it. :) It was brief but very clear.

    No mimes for me today. Lots of errands though. Ciao for niao.

  6. 13 is my new lucky number. I was in jury pool 13 and there were four trials scheduled. One was a criminal trial that would have lasted until December. We had to offer any excuses (of course, I put down my vacation to Kansas) and that jury was picked.

    The other 3 civil trials settled by 10 and we were dismissed. I don't have to serve for 3 years.

    13 is my new lucky number!!!

  7. Maria, very sorry about your friend's dog. Hugs a plenty for you.

    Wind-driven electricity! That is great, Janet. Good luck with the physical therapy.

    Woo hoo on no jury duty, Dina. Now you can concentrate on your trip to Kansas.

  8. Oh… I go away for a week and Janet comes back! Hi Janet! Now if I go away for another week, will Olivia come back too?

    Got home around 11:30 last night, and the free-range insane asylum kicked right back into high gear: The Boy got busted for speeding this morning, and the DMV hadn't cleared up the suspended license thing yet (Mrs. Fetched has the paperwork) so he got carted off to jail yet again. Had a great time in Mich. with my dad & brothers, except for no internet beyond what I could do with my new non-iPhone (basically mobile Twitter and some email). I missed Mason though, and he got noticeably taller & hairier (seriously) in five days. Got him to nap a few minutes ago, finally.

    Here's hoping for healthy pets (and people) and not TOO much work. I have, as you might guess, a lot of catching-up to do…