Friday, September 10, 2010

Some Day in the Country

Taken September 4, 2010.

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  1. Love the clouds and the no people, Andi.
    I'm having my fill of people right now. Hard to find a room that doesn't have somebody already in it or flitting through it.
    A challenge for this introvert.

    Hurried home from work and mowed yesterday, before baling would be the next step. Nice build up of giant clouds like in today's pic.

    Nancy, here's hoping you got some rain and then can push it on to Andi.

    Maria, you enjoy the cooler temps and weekend. My time to crow will be when others are under snow. Hopefully feeling much better.

    Farf, may beautiful weather for m/c riding be the rule, not the exception for the next month or two.

    Beth, how nice to be able to wedge a bit of work into your American travels. Great pics at your place. There seems to be a road theme to many. Safe continued travels.

    Fabulous day to all. Sound of Music twisting twirls of excitement and waves to those that follow.

  2. Lisa, here's another view of those clouds, also with no people to help (I hope) soothe you.

  3. Boy Lisa, you would have loved driving with me the first few days this week - no people for hours!!

    I love this picture. It looks like a painting.

    I'm driving into Denver this morning, so lotsa people to deal with. Heading to the Zoo to meet a girlfriend I've known for 25+ years...and then dinner with a friend from high school. History here...and hopefully in between, some writing time.

    It's Friday, right? TGIF, y'all. And ditto re the weather, Lisa - although it's stellar here right now. But hoping for more rain to help with the fires.

    Off and running. Waving!!

  4. Morning, gang!! Got a late start this a.m. as I enjoyed sleeping in. Yum.

    Lisa, ugh. Sorry to hear about the too-many-people. :(

    I'm in major hermit mode right now. I need to go to grocery store but REALLY don't want to be around anyone.

    Perhaps I'll just place a Peapod order and leave it at that. ::g:: ::is lame::

    TGIF to all!!

  5. Nice long rain all last night. Hope it made it to you.

  6. Just stay away from those fires, Beth.

    Oh wow, Maria, groceries that come to you. Jealousy.

    It didn't. It got just south of us and then fizzled out. I'm glad you got some and trying not to be (too) hateful about everybody that got rain when we didn't.