Thursday, September 2, 2010

So Straight So True

Taken August 22, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. This is a tree to hug. So much strength and wisdom.

    Andi, my students used the portal to go to many places including California, Madrid, Disneyworld,St. Thomas, the future and the past to undo what they had done to be sent to my building.
    We talked about internal vacations. A great beginning activity for my lesson.
    Your inspiration is greatly appreciated.

    The week is dragging by.
    Bro wanted to go on an outing. Made a couple of aisles at the grocery store with his walker, then too pooped, so sat by the in store Starbucks while I picked up the rest of the groceries. He was grateful to get off "Shutter Island" for a while.

    Maria, wish I could jump through that portal and have a writefest with you this long weekend.

    Rain, Glorious Rain last night and again this morning. Thundering right now--WooHoo.

    Waving to all to come.
    Thursday Winking At Friday.

  2. That true is very big -- you probably couldn't get your arms around it, Lisa. Sounds like your students got their arms around some good ideas though -- glad my photo could help.

  3. Andi, it does seem as if some trues are bigger than others! :D

    Or. . .that tree is what a parent looks like to a child who just stole a cookie. Gulp.

  4. I had one of my perv moments there: thrusting into the sky! Penetrating the heavens!

    Lisa, that was cool, being able to use the "portal" pic. I'm with your kiddos who wanted to go back in time and undo certain things. Good to hear you got some rain, and your bro got outside!

    Waving at Andi, Nancy, and the rest of the gang as they stroll in…

  5. Morning, gang!!

    Lisa, that would be TOTALLY awesome to have a writefest with you. Hmm...

    Farf - your twisty brain is just like mine, because I so went there, too. Hee!

    At the mimes on this Fake!Friday peeking at a lovely, lovely 4-day weekend. There had BETTER be writing. (hear that brain???)

    ::waves to all::

  6. It just looks like a big, gorgeous poplar to me, Nancy. And it wouldn't have looked like an angry parent to me because both of mine were really shorts. :)

    Oh Farf, you bad, bad boy.

    Oh Maria, you bad, bad girl.

  7. I thought I forgot to check the box this morning, but I actually forgot to comment! Duh.

    Wishing for that writing portal here, too. Too many loose ends to tie up before I leave on Sunday, so no time to play with story ideas, boo.

    Two more days. Gorgeous today, back to 76. Had a beer on the patio in the sunshine with a friend - very nice afternoon. Now trying to watch football and work at the same time, but not having a lot of luck.

    Major tree hugger here, regardless of how big it is.

    Hope y'all had a good day. I'll try to check in a little earlier tomorrow! :-)