Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sneak Preview

Taken September 20, 2010.

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  1. All fall down… there were a few trees starting to turn color in Michigan earlier this week, too.

    Off to see what Mason's up to, and hopefully sneak in a little breakfast…

  2. Please fall, please to come back nao?

    Fall weather took a beating and whimpered back into a corner around here. Yesterday's high was 98. Once again, DC area hits the record books. Sigh.

    I managed to trip over a curb at the CVS yesterday morning and skin my knee and hand. Thought that was the major extent of it.


    When I woke up this a.m. after an antihistamine-induced sleep (thanks to an outbreak of hives), I found that I could barely move my neck. Stupid, stupid curb.

    I'm VERY lucky I still have a couple of Vicodin left. Sadly, that means I'll probably sleep a lot today and get little writing done, but with my neck so stiff, I can barely stand to sit at the iMac, much less in my usual couch + laptop writing combo.

    Today has *got* to be better, right?

  3. Getting older ain't for sissies, Maria. Sorry about your neck - definitely take care of yourself!

    Colors are barely starting here in NH - ditto Maine. A branch here and there. Give it a couple of weeks...

    Wed was supposed to be the hottest day of the week, and it turned into the coolest. 89 here yesterday - we should have been at the lake. They're calling for a 40 degree temp change from lunch to dinner...better find my long pants!

    Root for my Boise State Broncos tonight as they play on the Smurf Turf. Me, I'll be working.

    Have a great day, y'all!

  4. Maria, sorry you hurt yourself. Did the store know?

    Got my skates yesterday. Even got a 15% discount since I'll be in the wrecker league. Got Carerras and some street wheels for it, too. Mouth guard, knee pads, elbow pads, and really great wrist guards. And a Triple 8 brain bucket that looks that is rubberized black with yellow straps. It's actually quite cool looking :)

    At first I freaked out because the first skates felt like pylons on my feet and and I had no control. I seriously began to doubt all of this. Then I put the hard boot carerrras, by Reidel... and voila. I was back, baby. Going over today to get my "sea legs" before I change wheels and street skate for exercise. I'll be doing rink work for a bit because street is much harder. I'm trying to do this as safely and sanely as possible. I've promised alot of people I would. Including my PT yesterday who was at first completely against it. "Over my dead body". LOL

    Wreck league contacted me back yesterday, lady's name was "Old Skool Beatdown" they'll get me a mentor since I'm "older"... :)


    Old Navy buddy of Mr. Janet's is coming over. He's excited but also there's some trepidation. The past few phonecalls have been... "revealing". It might be a short, one time visit.

  5. These trees shouldn't be changing now at all, Farf, but the drought is making them give up. Hope you had a yummy breakfast.

    You're having the weather we just had, Maria. So if the weather pattern holds, relief is one the way. We've gone back down into the 70s. No rain though. Hope you feel better soon.

    Go Boise Broncos! Help Beth feel better about working!

    I am just desperate to see you all "suited up", Janet. Mr. Janet needs to get busy taking those pictures. Good luck with the visit.


    Here's a shot of my Carerra skates and my Triple 8 Brainbucket. It's rubberizes black. No, I didn't go for the neon pink one LOL. I also got a mouthguard, knee and elbow pads as well as wrist guards.

    My hockey pal wrote this for me:

    Roller Derby Haiku

    Quad skates with toe brakes
    Brain bucket and elbow pads
    You have fun out there!

  7. Fine picture, Janet, but it's missing something that I just can't put my finger on. Now what could it be ... oh wait, I've got it -- it's you! ;)

  8. Strange to see Fall sneaking in when we've had such warm weather here the past few days. But you're right, it must be the drought stressing the trees.