Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sky Surprise

I guess it was good thing I was the one who looked up and saw this overhead and not Farf. ;)

Taken September 1, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Neat picture. Bad, Andi. Scaring your friends that way. Skin crawly for even me.
    How big was that sucker?

    Glad we got to Saturday. No schedule. Need to get some concentrated editing done this morning.

    Hubby has a scout leader thing this morning, so things are drifting back into normal. Daughter going to sign up to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity here in Dallas. She participated in Austin with a young professional branch of that group.

    Bro had no diagnosis and I'm not sure they'll get one. Wanting to redo some neurological tests. He's able to drive some now and have some independence. Still has trouble getting up and down and with endurance, so not much walking.

    Will go back to my second writing area and enjoy some peace. Longhorns play this afternoon. Hope everyone's team does well. Beth will this traveling cut into your football enjoyment?

    Maria--happy weekend writing.

    Farf, enjoy off. At least don't fix-it too hard.

    Dina, will probably head for the Farmer's Market. I'd like to be at her table.

    MaryB--glad you got some good rain. Sorry, Andi.

    Nancy--may the force be in your keyboard.

    Sensational Saturday to All that follow.

  2. It is a sensational Saturday, Lisa -- we had some rain this morning and if the green blob on the radar will just hold together, we will get some more but I've seen too many of those just dissipate this summer to feel confident.

    The spider had to be relatively big or I'd never have even seen it as it was about 15 feet above me.

  3. ACK!!!! ::ducks and runs very fast::

    This: The spider had to be relatively big - Andi, you had to embellish???

    Spending the rest of the day offline. This book is kicking my behind and not in a good way. Grrr. Arrgh.

    Great Saturday to all!!

  4. Waves at spider.

    Thanks, Lisa, and for you, too.

    Hi, Andi and Maria and all who arrive later.

    Started up my book dissection group again at our local Sisters In Crime chapter today, after a few months of break for me. Our theme this year is, "Writing With Grace & Gusto." We get the "gusto" from Ray Bradbury who has enough to spare for a hundred writers, with plenty of gusto left over.

  5. Afternoon, everyone! Yeah, good thing for the spider it was you & not me. Well… if it was 15 feet up & the web wasn't set to catch me in the head, I'd have been okay with that. I only get territorial when they're in *my* territory.

    Home from the manor. We had a second mini b-day party for Mason at lunch, so The Boy could participate. I should shortly post some pix (some even cuter than the first round).

    Somewhere in the last couple days preceding today, I've managed to crank about 3K words into Book 2. Now I just have to get my head back into Book 1 & slam that one together.

    Lisa, hope your bro figures out what's going on. The only thing worse than being incapacitated is being incapacitated for no known reason.

    Maria, I hereby loan you my biker boots. When the book starts kicking your butt, kick back!

    Nancy, are you saying Ray Bradbury was there in person? That would be awesome!

    We've got a 80% chance of rain today/tonight, and the radar looks promising. Things are getting pretty dry so this would be a good time to get some.

    Well, let's see what the Truckalypse has waiting for me. Right now, there's a dead body.

  6. Hey Maria, Lisa asked. What was a good host to do?

    Grace & Gusto -- sounds like a law firm staffed by ex-gymnasts.

    Did you get the rain, Farf? We got about some this morning which was delightful (though not nearly enough to make up for two dry months).

  7. Yep, Andi, two showers (one going on now). I managed to get most of the woodpile taken care of in between.

  8. Glad to hear it, Farf. I wish it was still raining here.