Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Red Too Soon

Taken September 12, 2010.

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  1. Andi, I'll close my eyes and we can dream of cooler breezes.

    Daughter came home last night and honked at the back but didn't park. I didn't know who it was so went out. Thinking how did the garage door get up when---SNAKE on the drive way. Holy crap. With skin crawling I hit that door close button and ran back in. I wasn't getting close enough to identify, but likely a rat snake. Creepers, I don't do snakes. Slithered off thank heavens. But I'm gonna be watching when I go to the car this morning.

    Am teaching the counselor at our school to do powerpoint. She got upset when all the teachers and principals got wireless presentation mice and she didn't. You mean sitting on your butt and doing no instruction and rarely interacting with the kiddos or anything remotely needing that equipment would be a factor?
    Cynic be me. But she'll be creating a powerpoint before being considered for getting money spent on her. As I light her hoop of fire.

    Yea Dina for cooler weather. I would love to be doing yoga.

    Beth, is there a rent a pajama program? Or maybe just sleeping in all your clothes for layering. I'm not sure you'll need heavy jammies back in Fl.

    Kelly, may the force be with your keyboard.

    B, tell that judge to hurry up so you can get back to painting.

    Maria, False Friday is coming.

    Nancy, I'm with you cheering the skaters on while staying on terra firma.

    Jim, hope you are feeling better and having a good week.

    Only one new kiddo this morning. Woohoo. And it's get my hair done day. Friday afternoon it's off to Cherokee and SILENCE and country.

    Wonderful Weds. to all.

  2. I should never had had that second Marmotini.

    "as I light her hoop of fire"
    lol, Lisa!

    I'm so glad you didn't kill snakey. Of course, that would have meant getting close to it. bwah

    My mom's having The Ladies over tomorrow for their book club, and she took mercy on me in my busyness and hired "Cottage Care" to clean our condo. I do a pretty good job, but they're pro's and they'll do better. Holy moly. Not that I begrudge those women a penny, cause I don't, but $100 to clean a SMALL condo--two bedrooms, 1 and a half baths. And the actual cleaner will probably get only half of that, plus tip. Makes me appreciate my own weekly spit 'n' polish more.

    Morning, all.

  3. Quick hi to all.

    Love, love, love the picture. Autumn is my favorite season.

    Just got the new carry on in preparation for the Kansas trip. Almost there!!!!

  4. ::hugs beautiful fall tree close and never lets it go:: First day of fall=yippee!!! (even though our temps are going to rise today & tomorrow)

    Lisa - glad the snake lived. I'm a Slytherin at heart, love the creatures, but like you, would be a bit taken aback when surprised by them.

    Nancy, be glad you don't live here. I pay $100 every 2 weeks for my cleaners. It's a small firm, not a franchise, locally owned. Admittedly, the woman that comes to my place does my laundry, too, so that adds to the price. They charge me $25/hour with a minimum 2 hrs. It usually takes 4 hrs. to clean and do the laundry. It's a luxury I won't give up, as I HATE anything smacking of housework.

    Dina - I am jealous of your trip!! You and Ms. Sally F have a blast, okay? HUGE hugs to Nancy for me.

    V. glad it's nearly Fake!Friday.

  5. As the Reverend Horton Heat would sing out, "It's Marmotini Time" :)

    Remember how we'd show pictures of really cool drinkiepoos? Well I've achieved a great drink recently and it's really good. We're not out of margarita season yet. I happen to think any day is a good day for a 'rita but some seem to think there needs to be rules and such for these sorts of things. Blow em.


    1 measure of Tequila
    1 measure of Mango Margarita Mix
    1 measure of Serranoe Simple Syrup
    12 oz glass full of ice
    top with lime margarita mix
    pinch of cayenne pepper

    Serranoe Simple Syrup:
    1 Cup of Sugar
    1 Cup of H2O
    Pinch of two of Smoked Hot Spanish Paprika (optional, but don't use the Dulce kind (sweet)
    2 bright, shiny serrano peppers - sliced, seeds left intact
    (they look like skinny jalapenoes, like them for their smokey, slow back of the throat, nasal heat)

    put syrup ingredients in a pot and stir till boiling. Allow to simmer for 10 minutes. Cool and then pour through mesh strainer into a mason jar with screw top lid. Will last in fridge for one week. Makes 4 drinks.

    It does have some heat to it. But a drink shouldn't bee ouchiwahwah hot as to prevent finishing the drink. This is a nice, slow heat that makes you want another. The Cayenne powder goes ontop of the ice for a beautiful look.

    Hey Nancy, awed of rollerskating? I about fell out of my chair reading you'd flew an airplane. Amazing!

    Who dumped all these leaves in my yard?! I'd better get showered and dolled up. Work awaits.

    Take care everyone! ((Boran Kmc!))

  6. I'm trying to dream of them right now, Lisa.

    Have some marmotinis for your Mother's friends, Nancy, and then they call pretend to be Elaine Stritch and sing The Ladies Who Lunch.

    I love Autumn, Dina. I just don't love it to arrive so early because we've had almost no rain for two and a half months. Happy travel planning!

    You can be like me, Maria, and just not care about dirt and then it's not a big deal to forgo the cleaning service. :)

    Thanks for bringing the slushy recipes to 40 acres, Janet. I knew I could count on you to make this place something useful. ;)

  7. Not slushy blended. It's on the rocks. Hardcore like us brutal beauties that we wild women are. ;)

    I'll think of something useful to write one of these days. That might take a few lifetimes though.

    As to cleaning crew.... just how much house cleaning do you have to do before you have one come over? LOL I'm the type that would pre-clean before they arrive so I wouldn't be so embarrassed or something. ;)