Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Put Away Childish Things

Taken September 5, 2010.

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  1. A/C fixed on our hall at school. Pockets of sticky, hot in the building, but can avoid those.

    Beth is in town and we meet up this morning. Ah that I could slip into her back seat and do some traveling.

    Maria, welcome to the world of pets. They "Help" us write. Glad you are finding some words. Love the deadline candle.

    Nicky, How wonderful about the art exhibit and selling--woohoo.

    Gotta skeddatle and get things ready for kiddos while I play hooky with Beth at breakfast.

    Wonderful Weds. To All.

  2. Morning, gang.

    Lisa, yay for a/c and Beth, too!! (one of these days, this Beth chick needs to come visit DC... ahem).

    Had a really tough evening last night - found out yesterday afternoon that a person very dear to the mystery community died suddenly - he was all of 38. :( I'm doing a LOT of reflecting on life and what's really important.

    Hugs to all of you!!!

  3. Hey all! Sad to see summer fading, even if it's getting into "nice to be outside" weather here, but it always comes back around.

    Lisa, tell us all about brekky with Beth…

    Maria, I saw the tweet about the sudden death. That's a bummer, big-time. Sounds like a big impact both locally and in the mystery community.

    Me, I'm sanding walls in the shower room today — hope to have it done by this evening so we can start putting down primer tomorrow. And I'm going to get outside with Mason if I get a chance.

  4. Hope you and Beth had a grand time. I'm sure you and the a/c will have a grand time too.

    That's so sad, Maria. It really too bad that's the kind of thing it takes to get us to think about what's important.

    We've had a sudden warm up here, Farf which includes a chance of thuderstorms. I'll take some h&h if we can get rain from it. Of course, that's all up to the weather gods.

  5. Hi, all. Having a bad day as my PDA just crashed. So I am breaking down and getting a smart phone. Ugh.

    Maria, I never met him but heard wonderful things about him and the bookstore. And so, so very young. Just terrible.

  6. Lisa and I had a stellar time this morning at breakfast, and then as she gave me the fifteen cent tour of her town, house, and school. We talked about all of you, and of course wished you were with us!

    i'm trying to figure a way to make it up your way, Maria - I promise when I do, you'll be the first to know!

    Hope Nancy and KB are escaping the horrible storms tonight - I drove right through that area yesterday, egads. Way too close...

    In Corpus Christi tonight, then back to Houston tomorrow. Flying to NH/MA on Friday. Enjoyed sitting on the beach watching the sun set this evening at South Padre Island - I could pitch a tent and live there forever!

    Hope everyone had a good day - I'm off to bed. Night!