Thursday, September 30, 2010

Panning for Gold

Taken September 25, 2010.

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  1. Love the variations of gold in the picture. Monet eat your heart out.

    Andi, that's not a sweet treat that's a bird feeder ball or a squirrel treat. LOL
    But then I'm a chocolate cake or ice cream kinda gal. Though pie time is a coming.I do love to hear about what others eat and drink.
    Down 8.5 lbs as of this morning BTW.
    iPhone weakness. When I added birthday to your contact I had to put a year born. I put 2010--some things are best a mystery or a hazy range.

    Farf--shop talkzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry I dozed off. I dreamed of a Charlie Brown cartoon. You know the adults all sound Wa Wa Wa Wa. But I do appreciate how well you do that job. You computer guys and gals keep us technowienies going.

    Happy trails again and safe travels Beth. I'm sure there's a song there somewhere.

    Still happy dancing in cool temps. Hope all have a great Thursday winking at Friday day except Fake Friday for Maria.

  2. Lisa, you are up WAAAAY too early!

    On the weather front: flood warnings, tornado watches, then more rain, rain, rain as Nicole's effects reach here tomorrow. Sigh. Andi, come take some for you, 'k?

    Had a horrible cat incident yesterday - cleaners let Kit out of the apt, then when asked if he was mine, the lady said no. I don't know WTF happened. Thank goodness & all kitty gods that Sara, the resident manager knew Kit and was able to coax him to her and then get him inside my place. WHEW.

    I just wrote an email to the cleaning service owner to suspend my service. Right now, I'm still so shaken by this that I just don't feel comfortable having anyone inside the place while I'm not there.

    Going to be a busy mime day today - training a new project manager on how to do documentation/client deliverables. whee? In any case, it will make my Fake!Friday go by faster. :)

    Happy Thursday to all!!

  3. Quick drive-by to say, oh my god, Andi, that is an incredibly beautiful work of art.

    Waves! Maria, keep your head above water! And pet kitty for me.

  4. Dittoing Nancy. I'm 1-5 days away from done with this book and don't have brains for anything else.

  5. To each her own, Lisa -- I love those things. :P

    Send that rain my way, Maria. Me and the trees will be here with open looking like escapees from a Oklahoma Dust Bowl movie.

    Hi and thanks Nancy.

    Keep on keeping on, Kelly.

  6. I agree with Lisa, one up on Monet. We've almost found a home for our little orphaned Maine Coon, and into our yard comes a painfully thin kitten, with her three tinier babies! They are enjoying life under our hostas, good food, safety, and waiting for the next opening in our revolving cat shelter. the Gang of 4 are deeply suspicious. . .

  7. I join the Gang of 4 in being suspicious. This has a "they just followed me home" feel about it.

    Happy belated birthday, andi. I love today's photos. Yesterday I showed your pictures my Detroit kids. My projector didn't capture the colors very well, but they really enjoyed them.