Thursday, September 23, 2010

My World Has Found Its Balance

Taken September 13, 2010.

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  1. Love the drippy drops. Makes me feel cool.

    Cleaning service--I remember when I could afford that-Ahhh. Now the chores are split up among the many here. I'm like you, Andi and ignore as much as I can.

    Nancy, love that Mom has her ladies over. I miss my mom and her bridge club.

    Dina gets a road trip--WooHoo.

    Fake Friday for Maria-WooHoo.

    Thursday Winking at Friday for the rest of us.

  2. Drive by hi and off to jury duty!

  3. Hey ho, back from the North Woods. Sorry I missed yesterday - driving and boating and celebrating Sis' birthday a day early, since she's busy today on the Real Day.

    From yesterday - LOVE The Ladies Who Lunch, andi - I hadn't thought of that song in years.

    Had margaritas on the lake yesterday, but yours sound fantastic, Janet. And nice to see you stopping by!

    House cleaners - drool. Someday.

    Back in NH til Monday, then flying to Houston to resume the road trip. Interesting developments in my "where am I going to end up" planning. Stay tuned.

    Gotta dash over and post at my place, since I forgotted last night.

    Happy Thursday to all!

  4. ::checking no attention to the man behind the curtain::

  5. Morning, you beauties! After a really sucky day yesterday (Jennifer Rardin passed away, Charlaine's mom passed away--both on Mon, but we all just found out) - I got amazing news to counterbalance the sad.

    BLOOD HEAT (the new book) was named a Top Pick in RT Book Reviews magazine and garnered a 4.5 star review (out of 5). The review itself is online by only open to mag subscribers, but I posted the meat of it at my blog.

    The moving circle turns...sadness countered by joy. Can't say that I've ever had a day so full of roller coaster emotions as yesterday was.

    May the weekend only be better!!

  6. Many many congrats, Maria! That is stellar news!!! But I'm so sorry about the losses - the circle of life continues to turn. Big hugs, both happy and sad.

  7. Hugs, Maria, and joy, too. Life is confusing.

    Andi, that photo is magnificent. Truly.

    Hi, Lisa, Dina, Beth, & All!

  8. That's freakin' gorgeous Andi. Hugs to Maria and congrats. Hellos for Beth, Lisa, Dina, Nancy and whoever comes along later.


  9. Anything I can do to cool you off, I'm all for it, Lisa. Now if you could just get rid of the record highs in the 90s here. ;)

    Dina, I hope either you don't get picked or at least if you do, it's an interesting case.

    I love Elaine Stritch, Beth, and as far as I'm concerned, she owns that song and it should be unconstitutional for anyone else to sing it. Staying tuned.

    I'm glad all your bad news was mitigated with such a great piece of happiness, Maria. That is so cool and well deserved.

    Thanks Nancy. Of course, I owe it all to those incredibly tenacious water drops.

    I'm sure your writing is going as easily, Kelly, as water drops shaken off leaves (which always what happens to me about the seoncd or third try at a shot).

  10. Absolutely breathtaking, Andi!

    I have so much reading to do. Gotta 'kethcup' on your books.

    I did get a book opened recently that I'm enjoying. A local author, Cheri Priest. "BoneShaker". Done in Seattle where a drilling (no, not oil) caused "The Blight" which made people into basically the undead. They walled up the city but they trapped regular folks in there too. Really great read. I've been down in the underground of Seattle several times and went to community college there so it's pretty cool that way. Old stomping grounds being stomped by Blight Zombies... and greedy people trying to gain power over other's pain.

    Maria so sorry for your losses. I haven't any words or advice as I'm just so completely bullldozed from our recent losses of dear loved ones. I think along the staircase of grief, I'm straddling between Shock, Numbness and Anger.

    As to the cleaning, I awoke to a sparkling kitchen. My partner got up and cleaned it all up. I awoke because he has to have the music blasting while he works. Obviously he can't whistle. ;)

    Yay to Olivia and her Senators! Nice pres-season opener. My Sharks last night? Let's just say we Netflixed X-Files after a few minutes of their game. ;0

    Today is my Friday. Then tomorrow we go over to Oaks Park and get my skates and some second skin pads. They're kevlar, so they're light and don't make you look like a gorilla girl.

    The mimes await. Peace and Strength to all.