Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Taken September 1, 2010.

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  1. Ah, the teeming life in that drop.
    Love the context of the surrounding. The what is and what it's a part of.

    They've now filtered blogs again at work, so I'm slow to add ICK Farf, too.

    Got to work and had no air conditioning in most of the building. Hubby brought up a couple of fans for my room. We shifted two other classes to rooms that had air or were cooler.
    Three out of four motors burned up-- ding dongs didn't install them correctly. So one motor replaced and the other two will be a couple of weeks waiting. So we have air in the elementary and high school halls.

    Had two families for counseling so we had an intimate, in depth session. I like those times. Get to connect with both kiddos and moms.

    Maria, thinking it might be time to light a bonfire to attract the writing fairy that's being so elusive.

    Kelly, fight the good fight.

    Safe travels Beth. Look forward to seeing ya!!!

    Jim, pamper self and heal.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. Ick, Lisa. Good luck with the heat. Will see you either tonight or tomorrow - or both!

    It POURED here in KC last night - you'd know if you saw the Chiefs/Chargers game. Thunder and lightning all evening - wish I could have sent it to CO to quench the fires. I loved it.

    Long flat day yesterday - I've never driven from KC to Dallas, so have no clue what today holds. Except breakfast with KB and Nancy! Will hug them both for you all, and wish you were here with us.

    Hoping everyone has a stellar day!

  3. Morning, gang!

    Andi, love the macro shots so much - the drop of water, poised on the end of the spear of grass, so many possibilities.

    Lisa, you are SO right! I need to light my "Our Lady of Deadlines" candle tonight.

    Got some writing done last night, then my dear cat decided to plop his behind next to me, on top of my trackball. I didn't notice for a while, until I suddenly saw that what I'd been typing was inserted into a paragraph half a page above where it should be.


    Brought the laptop to work with me today, hoping I can get some words in during lunch.

    Beth, safe driving & hugs to Nancy & KB!!

    ::waves at everyone::

  4. Worlds within worlds, and the background adds a slightly pervy twist if one wants to go there. :-)

    Lisa, they partially block blogs at work, primarily the comment sections, but let you click a button to open it up for 10 minutes (which I'll primarily do at lunch). Hope they fix your AC issues… things have cooled off enough on Planet Georgia where open windows & fans can keep things tolerable. I guess you'll catch up sooner or later.

    Beth, hope you're enjoying your KC stop, and all three of you will pop in!

    Maria, there was a blog post about the upsides of being unpublished, and the lack of deadlines was one of them. Any deadlines I have on White Pickups are self-imposed and I'm far enough ahead to not sweat it. ;-) I think I would have removed the kitty from the trackball before she caused problems though.

    M.A.E.'s mom is trying to crank up the drama at the manor, and is about to bite off a little more than she can chew. Another potentially interesting day on tap. Oh well, I got the hedge trimmer fixed last night (needed new fuel lines) so the shaggy boxwoods around the manor are nervous. That & finishing up the firewood stacking should be sufficient for the day, right?

    Waves for later-comers…

  5. Egad, no a/c in Texas! That sounds really, really awful. I hope they get everything back to normal soon.

    Lisa, and Nancy and katiebird, oh my. Also, still jealous.

    The thing I loved, Maria, is the microview of the lake, dam and hillside -- made me feel like I could step right inside that drop. Happy writing (sans cat help I hope).

    Farf, I'm beginning to get a little bit worried about your ability to find perviness everywhere ... or maybe I'm just enjoying it too much. :)

  6. On the road again, after a wonderful visit with Katiebird and Nancy. We talked about you all, so you were there with us. And I shared hugs all around. Pic at my place tomorrow - but know they're doing well. We wished you were with us!!

  7. Wow, rest area internet gets excited when it posts! Sorry for the extra ones!

  8. Passing through, today. On duty off and on as a Steward at our art group's exhibition here:http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/w-mottisfont Very big feather in our cap to be invited, specially as we're a new group (starting our 5th year). Spent Friday hanging 96 paintings (not all mine!) and have been selling well. Including one of mine that a visitor fell in love with, so I'm a happy bunny.

    As for writing? What's that? (Expecting proofs anytime, so will have to do some work soon...)

    Happy day to all...

  9. Wish I was there too, Beth ... or even better that all of you were here. P.S. I toned the internet down. :)

    That looks like a gorgeous place, Nicky. I hope you've taken (or are planning to take) pictures of the exhibition (cue Mussorgsky) which you'll link to.

  10. Beth, Katiebird, and pancakes! Life is good. It was so good to see Beth again--last visit was, I think, 2 years ago? Now she's on her way to you, Lisa, and I know you're both going to have a lovely time being together. Gee, I wonder if you'll talk about writing?

    We really did miss you other nuts, and we really did wish you were there with us.

    Amazing foreground detail, Andi.

  11. I like those macro photos and the fact that the background becomes blurred. Nice shot!

  12. I'm glad you like it, cougar. By the way, I left a comment for you on the other post but just to repeat it -- if you email me (use my blogger profile to get the email address), I will send you a wallpaper-appropriate version of the image you liked.

  13. Nancy, you are definitely living the good life. Now how about sharing it?!? :P

  14. Good morning - this being a rare day not to be at work early (I drop T313 off at 6:30 everyday.)I love the drop, and the tiniest drop at the top of the blade.

    I discovered what varmit has taken up residence in our winter cat house: the tiniest possum I've seen living as an orphan. I hope he can subsist on cat food without the resident alley eating him for a snack.

    I hope everyone is feeling good - or at least better.