Monday, September 20, 2010

Meeting of the Minds

Taken September 9, 2010.

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  1. Curious and energetic pups--a good way to start the week.

    Nancy, a wonderful coming year to you. At this stage of our life, what we want seldom will fit in a box or can be neatly tied up. Energy, opportunity, time, and enough money to be able to enjoy what those will bring you--Those are my birthday wishes for you.

    Made great strides with the editing yesterday. Am only a couple of chapters from the end. Though rewriting that last chapter may take a little more time. Part two was more a bunch of small errors, rather than big honking problems. WooHoo. Maybe I am figuring out this writing thing.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Woo hoo for such great progress, Lisa! And wise BD wishes.

    On the train from Boston to Exeter, then will drive to Maine to see Kathy and Cindy, WRW writing buddies. We'll be joined by Janet, another writing friend. Can you imagine we'll be talking writing for two days? And other life stuff as well. Can't wait!

    Had a stellar time in Boston - relaxed and enjoyed the company of good people and great friends. Sunny and gorgeous in the NE today - wish I could package it up and sent it to all of you.

    Hope you all had a great weekend. Not sure I'll have wireless access in the wilds of Maine, so if I don't check in, I wasn't eaten by a moose. Will be back ASAP.

    Enjoy the last days of summer!

  3. Morning, gangtastic! GORGEOUS fall weather here. Can't complain.

    Finally got sleep caught up after several nights of cattus interruptus + insomnia fairy. Plus got words written & ideas jotted down.

    Too bad today is a mime day, as I could have totally stayed home to write. :)

    Here's to a great week ahead for all!!

  4. I promised Andi that I would pop in one day when life wasn't so crazy. It's still crazy but I'm popping in. :)

    It's been a horrific year. Kids are okay though, in fact my oldest is now a graduate and was accepted into a great program for autistic students. Marriage is okay. Personal health... meh. But I'll be participating in a wreck (rec) league of roller derby chicks. Great excercise and I should lose 50 in about 4 months. :) Guess what my derby name will be. Dammit Janet :)

    But we lost our best friend in Feb. He dropped dead at the gym. Then my cat of 12 yrs died after a long illness that began by seizures under the xmas tree on xmas eve.

    My mom had been ill for many years. She passed away from pancreatic cancer in June. Hospice were angels because I also had to deal with the death and dying of my mother while having to deal with her extremely right wing family. In fact, there weren't any end of life directives or anything, we had an intervention the few days before even to try and get something but her family had Becked and Palined her. She was into dementia by this point from lack of oxygen over the months...

    Anyways it was brutal and made even worse than you can imagine.

    I've meen fighting with my old dancing partner, Vertigo. Thought we had a handle on it but we don't. Work has been good with it, they treat it like seizures.

    I promised Andi the story of how I met Karl Rove in Feb. Rove and Howard Dean actually. We had a silent vigil to stand in protest of them speaking here in Portland. Afterwards we had a drink in the Heathman Bar, classy place that is adjoined to the same block of buildings the speaking engagement was at. Well Rove and Dean snuck thru and came down the stairs. I had a Goonie moment of "Hey guys!" and everyone was busy talking so I stood up, 2 feet away from Rove, looked him in his piggy pushed in eyes and called him a "effing war criminal". That's when thinsg got crazy. He sneered at me and then waved. Dean laughed and the place went nuts. People who hadn't even been a part of the protest or vigils started screaming at Rove to get out. He had no security with him either at this point. Just hotel twerps. Man did they scramble.

    Didn't stop the wars or the lies but my kids thought it was pretty cool I got to tell him off. It felt damn good too!

    Yeah, I'm still doing crazy sheet.

  5. What a work ethic you've got, Lisa. I am impressed.

    You don't exactly look like moose food, Beth, so I'm gonna drop that from my worry list. :)

    Yay for sleep, Maria. Boo for work.

    Janet! Thanks so much for that epic update. I'm sorry for your losses but very happy to hear that the kids are dong fine. I really, really can't wait to see pictures of you in your roller derby gear.

  6. Janet!

    So sorry to hear about all the things you've had to deal with this year but yay for Wes! And good on you for outing Karl as the war criminal he is.

    Don't stay away so long again. I second the request for roller derby pics.

  7. Ditto waving to Janet - so glad to hear from you, but big hugs for all of the turmoil. Sending good vibes your way.

    Safely in Maine - spend the evening talking writing with Kathy, Cindy and Janet. Now off to bed to warm up - it's FREEZING here in Maine! Brrrr. Yes, I'm a wuss.


  8. Thank you, Lisa. So nice.

    Janet, what a roller coaster. I'm so sorry for the pain and trouble. And yet so glad about your son's success. It's amazing, really, and just wonderful.

    And roller derby. Wow. I'm beyond impressed. I went to a women's roller derby meet (?) here in KC a year ago and LOVED it. I hope you have a grand time. Your web name is so perfect for your r.d. name!

  9. Andi I clean forgot to say I love that photo a lot. The colors of the dogs against the green of the trees; the difference in size. Really satisfying. Thanks for giving us so much goodness.

  10. Hi Mary, Beth, and Nancy (thanks for that lovely complement).

    Night all.

  11. Belated Happy Birthday, Nancy, and thanks to you and Andi for setting up your blogs so I can drop in and play with you all now and then.
    Still visiting 'my' stately home most days, but tomorrow's my last day and then we're off to Wales for a week: narrow gauge railways will feature (him) as well as book shops and junk shops (me). Hope it doesn't rain too much.

    Beth, you're all over everywhere, but why is it never over here? Don't you want to revisit us??

    Happy Tuesday to all. Now I have a mountain of ironing to tackle!